As posted on the fabulously popular Ford Mustang forum Mustang6G, new information is bubbling to the surface regarding an all-new Shelby Ford Mustang.

As you should all be readily aware, the 2015 Ford Mustang made its big-time debut early this December.

That said, the Shelby variant is missing from the equation.

Current speculation points to the possibility of an all-new GT350 with the potential for the GT500's 662 horsepower V8 being carried over as well. Either way, we know one thing's certain: a whole lot of buyers are waiting on this information to pull the trigger.

A ray of light has appeared via a 2015 body code chart that distinctly shows a Shelby coupe and a Shelby convertible are slotted in. There's just one problem. A forum user points out these body codes are the same from 2013 and others noted that the four-cylinder EcoBoost motor car isn't up there.

BOTH points can be explained away, but we're curious what you're thinking here...

My buddy just sent me this capture of the 2015 body code chart which lists the different order codes for each model. FRAP uses this to know which Mustang (and other vehicles) to build.

I circled the Mustang and you can see the most interesting part is it lists a Shelby coupe and convertible. Combined with our other info I guess it's probably the GT350. I asked why the EB4 is missing and he said it'll be an upgrade engine (and code) from the base.

ADMIN EDIT - As pointed out by a member, the omission of the I4 EcoBoost Mustang could be explained in this way:

Originally Posted by trolls56:
i4 is base model everywhere other than US. It is still base model here too. There isn't going to be any special badges for it. Base model with an engine choice. There is going to be a Mustang then a Mustang GT. The Mustang you will have the choice of a v6 or i4 then you will get to choose automatic or manual.

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LEAKED?! Is This PROOF That There Will Be A 2015 Shelby Ford Mustang? Place YOUR Bets!

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