It's been amazing how much we've been able to learn about Paul Walker since his and Roger Rodas' unfortunate accident this past November.

Not only have we seen his amazing charity work, we've also learned just how much of a real car guy he was.

Walker and Rodas' collection was the definition of eclectic. Though some vehicles were not the types you'd see in a Concours worthy collection, it's clear that these gentlemen knew what they liked and were not ashamed about it. I mean, why else would you have SO many Fox body Mustangs? 

Though we recently received word that the entire collection was being sold piece by piece through brokers specifically told NOT to affiliate it with Walker, it turns out a car that he sold off several years ago has found its way back on the market. Is it a coincidence? Probably not.

The car in question is an Audi RS6 Avant (C5). Any German wagon lover would be quick to point out this car was not offered for sale in the States; however, that didn't stop Walker from getting it through customs legally. Considering he had what appears to be a JDM R34 Skyline and a Sylvia, it seems he was familiar with the process.

From the eBay listing, it seems pretty obvious an independent shop is listing the car. EuroTech Motorsports is a northern New Jersey shop located actually within a stone's throw from my home. Having known a couple folks that have worked with them, I'd say they're legit but as always, "caveat emptor," folks.

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One Of Paul Walker's Rides Shows Up On eBay — ULTRA Rare Audi Up For Grabs

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