We need to start by discarding the idea that you can beat the Germans by imitating them and charging more for the imitation than the original costs.

The path to victory for Cadillac isn’t a racetrack in the Black Forest. What’s next: putting free boxes of Pocky in the glove compartment of the ATS to win over Infiniti M56 intenders? Stop imitating. Stop being fake. Do something authentically American with the product.

Don’t get me wrong. Cadillac doesn’t have a tenth of the credibility that Alden or Oxxford have. Thirty years of dumping sewage on your customers have seen to that. Still, there’s romance and magic in the Cadillac name despite your best efforts, despite the ATS, despite the children-and-luggage-only backseat of the STS, despite the entire interior of every product you sold for at least two decades. Cadillac still means something to some people.

Let us provide the reverb here (Sorry Jack for the musical reference...but we had to)...Cadillac, I you HONESTLY think you're gonna beat the 3-Series with this ATS then all is truly lost.

It sure better drive better than the quality of materials we saw at the Detroit Auto Show unit on display.

Build something unique...the ESCALADE of sedans...with your OWN identity and watch the comeback happen.

And a shoutout to our friends at TTAC.

A sincere thank you for joining us here at Auto Spies all these years and TELLING THE TRUTH AND GIVING REAL OPINIONS.

And we urge ALL readers to support sites like our and there and anyone else out their willing to do the same.

Because you can count the ones that do on  one hand.

Every where else, the FIX IS IN.

2012 Detroit Auto Show Photo Gallery

Spies, discuss....

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One Of The FEW Car Websites Outside Of Us That Tells It like It Is. TTAC Calls Cadillac Out. DO You Agree?

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