Now this isn't something you see every day.

Hell, this isn't something you see ANY day.

Car week up in Monterey always brings out the most insane things you thought you'd never see. Upon some of my friends' arrivals up in NoCal, one of the first things that got Instagrammed quite heavily was a Maserati MC12 Corsa in dark blue.

To see an MC12 is an event. To see an MC12 Corsa, specifically on the road, is one of the most unlikely things as it is a car built for the track. But from the video clip shot by Jason Thorgalsen below, it's clear one New York-based owner has made a dream reality. And, as Jason points out in his video, it may actually be for sale.

Bringing it to Pebble to advertise it seems like a wise choice as these are the type of folks looking to spend that kinda dough on something as unique as this.

Listen to the V12 gods erupt, below!

On my first day in Pebble Beach I saw a blue Maserati MC12 Corsa cruising down the road which was incredible to see. I had a chance to chat with the owner of the car and somehow found myself in the passenger seat of the car the next day driving on public roads! The MC12 Corsa is a full racing version of the ultra rare Maserati MC12 which makes the MC12 Corsa practically a unicorn. Only 12 MC12 Corsas were ever built and this car is chassis number 02. I hope you enjoy the video!

PEBBLE BEACH: SPIED On The STREET! 1 Of 12 Maserati That's Some How ROAD LEGAL Makes An Appearance In Monterey

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