It was a frenzied weekend as Apple started selling the new iPhone 4s and in typical fashion the mainstream media was wrong again in their predictions.

Although the MEDIA was disappointed, the PEOPLE  spoke with their wallets and over 4 MILLION iPhone 4s smartphones flew off the shelves.

Many of our readers have emailed me saying they got theirs while many others messaged me asking what I thought of mine.

Especially, when it came to photo quality with the new 8 megapixel camera.

So I thought I would get out and about with 001JR in the OC and shoot some photos and post this gallery for you to make up your own minds.

iPhone 4s Car Photo Sample Gallery

I've also included some really nice iPhone 4 and 4s accessories that I use in the article and in the gallery.

Not only stuff for guys but for the ladies also.

One small stat you may be unfamiliar with is that when I started Auto Spies our audience was over 90% male.

Well things sure have changed and women now makeup over a THIRD of our audience!

We're sure glad they are SPYING before they are BUYING!

So take a look at the photos and the products from great companies like Griffin, Case-Mate, Belkin, idAmerica and Zagg.

Based on my experience so far with iPhone 4s this is what I know:

1. It's MUCH faster
2. It's every bit as fast in some operations and faster in other as the best 4g phones I've tried. Pretty impressive for a 3G phone. The dual antenna system is what makes it sing so well.
3. SIRI voice recognition is nothing short of amazing although the first day it was getting slammed and was intermittent.
3. Camera performance- You'll see in the samples in good lighting conditions it's as good as some DSLR's. In reasonable light it's very good and in low light it is ok. Also, it shoots SO fast from startup and taking multiple shots. With the others it's a pure waiting game. That said, I've yet to see a photo from an 8 megapixel Driod phone that is even as good as something out of the iPhone 4, let alone iPhone 4s. It's simply the best cell phone camera ever by a WIDE margin. The price for the camera ALONE is worth it.

*Photo disclaimer  These are shots straight out of  the new iPhone 4s camera WITHOUT any Photoshop enhancements, shot in multiple light conditions, to show you all the full range and performance of the new sensor. The only thing that is changed is that our servers compress the image bit for faster performance in the galleries, so your direct shots will look even better.

We chose to do that so you see EXACTLY what it can do.

Enjoy and let us know your opinion...Have you bought one or will you now after seeing what it can do?

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PHOTO GALLERY: iPhone 4s Sales Blow Up Over The Weekend With Over 4M Sold. We Show You Photo Evidence

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