Last week a $3.

9 million Lamborghini Veneno (one of three) appeared at the Geneva Motor Show, as did a million-dollar, almost 1,000-horsepower Ferrari, with the ridiculous name of “La Ferrari” (if this is THE Ferrari, what comes next?), and a $900,000 McLaren P1 with 900+ horsepower. Supercars with 0-60mph times of three seconds, or less. Top speeds comfortably over 200 mph. And these vehicles represent just the tip of the suddenly flush global supercar segment.

Part of me says that more horsepower and more speed is a good thing and for those who can afford to indulge, then so be it. Exotic supercars bristle with advanced technological developments in materials, aerodynamics, hybrid systems, powertrains, suspension, brakes, tires, lighting, etc., many of which eventually end up finding their way into our mainstream cars in some way, shape or form down the road.

So from that perspective manufacturers pushing the envelope with these fantastic machines are not just engaging in a vanity exercise, they’re exploring next technologies in demonstrative ways.

But then again part of me is extremely disappointed with what’s going on. is ranked #1 on Google for auto show photos!

**The 2013 Geneva Motor Show Photo Galleries are sponsored by Fiat

The BEST of the Geneva Motor Show Photo Gallery

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