Finally, last weekend we had the good fortune of finally getting some 70 degree weather.

Prime time to do some spring cleaning  for the cars in the garage and get ready for the local Cars and Coffee and club meets to really ramp up again in the next month or so. This winter has been the 7th coldest on record for the DFW area and we are so ready to move on to warmer conditions.

Simply running down to the drive through car wash doesn’t do it for me.  I tend to be more of a traditionalist, using the two bucket method to cleaning followed by a light rinse to remove the remaining biodegradable soap residue. Of course all of this is followed by drying and waxing with a quality liquid wax. (2 coats for me) So in about an hour and a half we are all done with the MINI and ready for the next car.

That last sentence makes me wonder.  An hour and a half?   Just how many people spend that much time washing and detailing their car these days? I know I am a bit obsessive, but there is something therapeutic for me in going over all of the details and making sure the car looks as good as new.  But who still shares that thought, and who has the time?

You might think it is uncommon for an owner of a Lamborghini to bring an unclean car to Cars and Coffee to display to the adoring fans.  But it happens every month down here.  Exotic row at C&C, which typically has 20 to 30 Lamborghinis, McLarens, Ferraris, and the occasional Maserati or two will have half of them in need of a serious detail. On the other hand the CTS Club a few rows over is a showcase of meticulous detailing and pride in ownership.  Old school vs young blood?

Why do these two groups differ?

Are drive through car washes the norm these days for you?

Do you drop quarters in the local spray wash, and rinse and drive off in 15 minutes?

So, when was the last time you actually hand washed your car?

Better yet, when was the last time you waxed a car?

I’m just a bit curious who does what these days, and what type of cars still command the caring touch of a hand wash.



QUESTION OF THE DAY:  When Was The Last Time You Hand Washed Your Car?

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