In an all-new blog post via Consumer Guide, a writer brings forward the four most important vehicles of the past 30 years.

As he notes in the opening words of the post, he's not simply talking about sales figures. If that were the case this would be a completely different post. It's about vehicles that, as he says, "changed minds." These are the vehicles that led a paradigm shift in vehicle tastes and led a massive shift in consumer's shopping habits.

Having said that, is he onto something? Check out the vehicles he's listed:

- 1991 Ford Explorer — Redefining what a compact sport-utility vehicle should be
- 1999 Lexus RX300 — The crossover that showed automakers traction in an all-new concept
- 2004 Toyota Prius — A hybrid that gained major traction with consumers of all walks of life
- 2012 Tesla Model S — Arguably, the first "cool" EV

Do YOU agree with the list? Would YOU name any others?

...Instead, I’m focusing on vehicles that changed minds, and instigated significant changes in the new-vehicle marketplace. Chevrolet sold millions of Cavaliers over the years—which is good—but it’s unlikely that anyone driving a Cavalier ever thought that they were playing a small part in a sweeping automotive movement.

What I’ve selected here are four vehicles: the 1991 Ford Explorer, 1997 Lexus RX300, 2004 Toyota Prius, and 2012 Tesla Model S. I’m only going back thirty years on this list—which allows me to avoid including the 1986 Ford Taurus. The Taurus is an important vehicle to be sure, but also one that now feels like it is from a different era...

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RAISE and PRAISE: Are THESE Four Vehicles The MOST IMPORTANT Autos Of The Past 30 Years?

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