Although it was a bit of a controversial move for purists, last go 'round with its limited release mid-engine V8, the 430 Scuderia, the company decided to pay homage to the F1's team winning of its 16th Constructors' Championship.

Thus, the 16M was born.

Essentially, it was a great excuse to build a lightweight, hardcore F430 that was pretty much identical to the much loved Scuderia.

So now the question presents itself: will Ferrari take another bite of the apple and introduce a 458 Speciale Spyder?

I don't see why not, but one of Ferrari's senior leadership — Roberto Fedeli — is playing hard to get. Though he currently says it's not on the table as there's nothing to celebrate, we happen to know that the Italian marque loves playing games. Hence the ridiculous fine said to have been applied to anyone attending the LaFerrari's press launch.

According to one journalist, who shall go unnamed, "When you deal with Ferrari, it's like the mafia."

So, until we get official confirmation or the next-gen 458 makes an appearance we're in a holding pattern. If you ask this Agent though, I'd have my money on a Speciale Spyder. Just me, though.

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RUMOR: Will They Or Won't They? No One Can Confidently Say IF Ferrari Is Working On A 458 Speciale Spyder

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