You know, it's a funny thing.

Although the media is supposed to be objective and, ultimately, the one single source of truth, it turns out that they're more often wrong than right. I guess that's why a site like this exists.

In recent months there's been chatter and even photographs of an all-new Land Rover concept undergoing testing. Dubbed the Discovery Sport, it's supposed to be a replacement for the way over the hill Freelander. But the more I look at it — and the more spy photos I see — it's becoming clear, at least in my mind, that this isn't an all-new model at all.

It looks like an Evoque to me.

Of course, it's covered head-to-toe in camouflage but the Evoque cues are there. One could surmise that it's merely an Evoque body cloaking an all-new chassis but I think there would be more irregularities in the wheelbase and other key areas.

The prototype seems to have more glass than the current-gen Evoque and if you look at its hind quarters, the dual-tipped exhaust is pushed way out to the corners. But is that conclusive evidence of an all-new product.

Not quite. Not in this spies' eyes.

BUT, what say YOU?

What is Land Rover working on here? A Freelander replacement or a new Evoque?

**To see ALL of the latest spy photos of this mystery Land Rover, click "Read Article" below!

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SPIED: Is Land Rover Working On A Freelander Replacement OR A New Evoque? What Do THESE Pictures Tell YOU?

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