I remember when Cadillac first stormed into the sport sedan scene with the Catera — the caddy that zigs.

Once that hot mess lived out its existence the first-generation CTS came around and it was a hit. I can't figure out why with its Saturn-inspired, General Motors interior but it did well.

It was with the debut of the first-gen's CTS-V that we knew Cadillac was up to something interesting. Essentially, the company shoehorned a Chevrolet Corvette motor under the hood and voila! We had a sport sedan.

But it wasn't until the second-generation CTS that the company really got things under control. Personally, I would have a second-gen CTS-V ANYDAY over the likes of the same generation BMW M5 and Mercedes-Benz E63 AMG. It was a boss car that commands attention and has no problem lighting up the rears.

So, how does Cadillac follow up that car? Well, we're not entirely sure yet but something tells us it will feature yet another Corvette motor and have GOBS of power. The BIG question, of course, is how much? Given the company's need to overshoot its competition, I'd assume that the all-new Z06's mill that produces 650 horsepower will find its way into the new CTS-V.

With the ability to mate a manual gearbox or eight-speed automatic, the V car will follow in the footsteps of the second-gen car.

All that said, all-new shots of the upcoming super sedan have hit the web.

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SPIED: NEW Spy Shots Of The Cadillac CTS-V Show A LOWER, MEANER — And Likely — MORE Powerful Caddy

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