You know, if there's one thing I've noticed in the past several months it's that Porsche is always up to something when it comes to the 911.

It's funny too because the company has been publishing videos on YouTube detailing "#911secrets."

They weren't kidding with that hashtag, were they?

In recent weeks we've come across a bunch of photos of the 911 (991) that appears to be getting updated for 2015. Nothing crazy going on there except for the usual stuff.

However, the eagle eyes at TouriClips noticed something intriguing when it took a close look at video footage of a 911 whipping around the world famous Nürburgring. It's pretty obvious something isn't right.

Though the car passes at a decent pace, if you slow the video — or wait for the stills — it's clear that something is going on in the backseat. No, it's not two lovers but rather one of the following:

- A flywheel as seen in the RSR racers
- A battery pack
- An electric engine

And if you listen intently, you'll notice that the vehicle makes what I'd describe as a squeaking or high pitched turbo-like whistle when accelerating. Though it's pure speculation, some believe this may be Porsche's first crack at a 911 Hybrid. Or perhaps, it could be Porsche migrating the 918s technology down into more broadly available products.

Imagine that, a 911 plug-in.

**Decide for yourself by checking out the video clip below!

On May 13 we filmed this Porsche that at first sight looks like a normal prototype for the facelifted version of the 991. However, when checking our footage we noticed something very peculiar in the backseat of the 911. It looks as if there's some kind of electrical engine or battery pack on the back seat. When listening very carefully to the sound of the car you can also notice a high pitched noise during shifting and even during acceleration, suggesting a hybrid powertrain. Could this be the very first videofootage of the rumoured Porsche 911 hybrid? What do you think?

SPIED + VIDEO: There's MORE Than What Meets The Eye With This Porsche 911 Prototype

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