The Tesla saga continues.

Last we left off a seemingly irked Elon Musk was tweeting that The New York Times story about one of his vehicles, the Model S, was "fake." When your company's stock takes a hit of more than two percent, yeah, I can understand being a bit upset about it.

But that's a pretty childish response from a C-level executive. Take to Twitter? Seriously?

Though Musk has insisted his team would publish the vehicle logs and data that would substantiate the whole fakery, as of this writing there has yet to be any proper rebuttal aside from lame finger pointing.

Even better. The New York Times writer made sure to respond to Musk's claims of fakery.

If you ask me, if Musk doesn't come up with these logs and state his case in the next 24 hours he'll have an even bigger problem on his hands.

Mr. Musk promised on Monday to write a blog post critiquing my drive and to publish the logs he says he has of how I drove and why the battery pack drained. We will link to those when they appear. Mr. Musk said on Twitter that Tesla always logs data during media test drives, but logs car owners’ data only “with explicit written permission.”

One final note. Mr. Musk called me on Friday, before the article went up on the Web, to offer sympathy and regrets about the outcome of my test drive. He said that the East Coast charging stations should be 140 miles apart, not 200 miles, to take into account the traffic and temperature extremes in this part of the country.

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Tesla's Elon Musk Called This NY Times Writer's Account A Fake, And The WRITER Doubles Down — Where's Tesla Now?

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