So if you were young, famous and dripping dollars, what would you get?

At first it seems like everyone would snap up a Ferrari or Bentley, but as you'll soon find out, everyone doesn't exactly want the most obvious pick.

Hip hop stars are known for their collections of the most impressive metal rolling the streets but if you thought hip hop stars stuck only to their Escalades and S-Classes, you were wrong.

While our friends over at MSN compiled a list of hip hop stars and their cars, we wanted to highlight the ones you probably didn't expect to see.

Take, for example, the Lotus Evora GTE, Spyker C8 and Ferrari Enzo.

Overall, here's what made the list:

- Ferrari Enzo
- Bentley Continental GT
- Pontiac Parisienne
- Cadillac Escalade
- Cadillac CTS
- Jeep Wrangler Unlimited
- Dodge Challenger SRT8
- Bugatti Veyron
- Maybach 62S Landaulet
- Maybach 57S
- Spyker C8
- Lotus Evora GTE
- Ferrari FF
- Lamborghini Murcielago
- Bentley Continental GTC

Now let's see if you can figure out who owns what BEFORE you click over to the other side...

Like famous young athletes and actors, hip-hop stars are celebrities with both an abundance of money and a desire to show off just how much coin they have. Just as with jewelry, clothing or homes, stars have long used their cars to signify success and wealth. These demonstrations have been at the core of hip-hop culture since its inception, and fans have long discussed the latest and greatest rides of their favorite artists. In other words, you cannot be flossin' nor attain balla status until you're in league with these hip-hop stars and their whips.

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