As the automotive industry is really pushing the boundaries of technology these days to eek out MORE performance and MORE efficiency at the pumps, we've seen some radical changes at some of the globe's most revered marques.

Hybrid technology now is embedded in the world's top performance supercars and forced induction has become the norm with any vehicle intending to be sporting.

The latest came from Ferrari with the new California T. It's a big deal the company went back to using a turbocharged set up as it hasn't since the legendary F40. Thing is, word on the street is saying that the California T will not be the ONLY F car to receive forced induction.

The next on the list? The 458 Italia, which will likely get a new name.

Considering the current 458 produces 570 ponies, we're looking forward to what a turbocharger could produce. According to CAR, 670 is the next stop. We're not so optimistic, however, you do have to keep in mind the power jumps from the 360 Modena to the F430 to the 458 Italia.

We're sure the Tifosi will come out in full force about this. That's because if you've driven a Ferrari you'd know a lot of the beauty resides in its naturally aspirated motor as I pointed out in my review of the Ferrari FF.

Our favourite Ferrari sports car, the 458 Italia, is going down the turbocharged route. The news spells the end of high-revving, naturally aspirated Ferrari V8s, which will set nerves jangling among many tifosi.

CAR has learned that the Ferrai 458 Italia is in line to receive a version of the California T's forced-induction 3.8-litre V8 engine during its mid-life 'facelift', expected at some point in 2015. The car is dubbed the 458M by Maranello insiders...

...The 3855cc lump is understood to be due to be slotted amidships in the 458M. We'd expect more performance in the 458 and our sources indicate a fulsome 670bhp headline power output, which points to some pretty scintillating acceleration targets...

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Uh Oh! FIRST Ferrari Axed Manuals, NOW Naturally Aspirated Motors? BIG News For 458 Italia Fans!

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