I went into the dealership yesterday to have my HandsFreeLink (bluetooth) checked out, while I was waiting I ended up talking to a salesman.

I was telling him that I had no interest in trading my '05 TL in for an '07 because there wasn't enough difference between the two in my opinion, then as I was telling him what I would like to see with the Acura lineup, he told me that I sounded as if I was in a meeting they had with an Acura rep 2 days ago as I was saying a lot of the same things that they had been told by the rep. I was basically expressing frustration with the fwd setup, the need for more power to compete, and the need for the RL to either "piss or get off the pot." From that meeting he told me that acura is planning a major overhaul of their lineup to include:

*300+ HP across the line (to include the TSX)
*a TSX coupe
*due to the fact that acura has stretched the 3.2L V6 to the limit, a larger engine for the TL but with i-VTEC (he said that Acura will not let the fuel economy drop to the mid - low teens)
*AWD across the line. (What? no RWD) He told me that with the HP #'s they have to be able to better direct that power to the ground and be safe about it at the same time
*V8 (no larger than 4.2L) for the RL
*And most importantly...A NEW FLAGSHIP SEDAN!!! He told me that the name LEGEND, among others was being strongly considered for that new car based on the name's popularity and its recognition in the marketplace.
*also approx. 280hp for the '08 Accord V6
We didn't talk about where the RL would slot in the marketplace, but he did mention that acura wants to compete with the Lexus LS460 and BMW 7-Series, so that suggests the RL will stay where it is in terms of market position while the Legend takes on the competition's flagships, but with a 300HP TSX, will that move the TL upmarket on the same level as the RL (kinda like lexus does with the IS and ES) I'm coming up with a few questions as I type this that I didn't think about yesterday.

He said that Acura's V8 would be an entry-level (in terms of size) to ensure they keep their fuel economy above average. The TSX will probably have a V6 but a turbo is still a possibility. He told me that Acura wants to emphasize perfomance and safety more than they have in the past. I hope most of the information is true. I can't wait for the games to begin. Keep your fingers crossed! If anyone can add to this or disprove any of it, please share! Let's post some good information!

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