If I weren't straightforward with you this just wouldn't be AutoSpies.

So, I will continue down that path.

The Ferrari California as it were before was dreadful. It looked soft, had no real panache to it and it was everything that Ferrari didn't stand for. Even worse, it bore the name of one of the prancing horse's most loved vehicles, the 250GT California.

It was a cruiser made for the Palm Beach and the Beverly Hills crowd that wanted to go spend their trust fund at the nearest Yves Saint Laurent. Not to be taken to the track, like the original California.

There's nothing wrong with that, ultimately, because Ferrari's mission has always been to drive revenue through other means to fund the F1 operation. And by making the company's product more broadly available and practical it was able move more units. Ferrari hit its goal with the California. So much so the company has had to reassure folks that it will not be producing more vehicles to keep the marque's exclusivity.

Making its first appearance at the 2014 Geneva Motor Show was the newly updated California. Now equipped with a forced induction motor, power is above the 550 horsepower mark. Its styling has drastically been revamped to the point where the vehicle is easy on the eyes and its hind quarters are in check and not bloated. 

What's there NOT to like, now?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

We take a look at the Ferrari California T at Geneva 2014.

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VIDEO: An Up CLOSE Look At The NEW Ferrari California T

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