Only a couple of weeks ago before the close of 2012, we posted a clip of crashes at the Nurburgring during 2012.

Clearly, crashes happen on the treacherous "Green Hell," but one of the magnitude below isn't as common as what you saw on an amateur day.

Piloting a Ferrari 458 Challenge is Colin Alton, a professional driver. Unfortunately, while given a race-prepped 458 the beans on the world-famous track, a series of events unfolded that led to the inevitable crash.

When you're driving at the limit, these things happen. It's really just a matter of time and I am sure statistics are not on any competitive driver's side.

Alton was estimated to achieve a blindingly fast 7:15 lap time on the ring when the crashed happened.

Luckily, Alton and his passenger escaped -- remarkably -- without serious injuries. Considering the impact happened above 100 mph, we're pretty amazed.

Be safe out there, Spies!

Track day 29th June 2012. Low point of the year. At the Bergwerk apex the time from 'The Bridge" was 3min 50sec - a projected BTG lap time of 7.15. The previous lap had been my fastest ever at 7.27 (posted - video 16).

Sitting in the left hand seat didn't help my positioning of the car but as the car goes over the crest immediately before the crash, full throttle, in excess of 130mph, the suspension unloads and the traction control cuts torque to the engine - clearly audible. Standard suspension set up for a flat GP type circuit doesn't suit the Nordschleife at these speeds - KW race suspension now fitted. The right hand tyres get on the wet grass - game over! No serious injuries and the car is repaired, tested and ready to go in 2013.

VIDEO: EXACTLY What You DON'T Want To Happen At 130+ MPH In A Ferrari On The 'Ring

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