You know, it's a funny thing when you're a lover of all things with wheels.

It seems as though it's a sickness sometimes. Take, for instance, Agent 001 who is the boss of auto swapping.

Last week I spoke to a Jaguar executive who has had 53 cars at some point in his life. He's not that old either, 37 or so.

But its not just about how many cars are in your fleet or how many times you've switched. For me I find myself sometimes taking the long way home or simply joyriding for the feedback the vehicle gives me as well as some excellent tunes.

And our friend at Petrolicious seemed to articulate this well with its latest clip.

Dubbed "Holiday Errands," it's the story of an owner, a 300 SL and "Sweetheart." We'll let you see how this one plays out...

Even in seemingly mundane tasks such as running an errand to the grocery store, every car enthusiast has a choice to make: take the quick and efficient route from A to B or obey the siren song of the open road. With the wheel of a Mercedes Benz 300SL Gullwing firmly gripped, resisting that urge becomes nearly impossible.

VIDEO: Have YOU Ever Found Yourself Taking The LONG Way To Get MORE Seat Time?

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