Learning to drive a standard transmission is not the easiest thing to do.

It requires a bit of mental strength, the ability to continue while staring failure right in the eyes and a lot of practice.

As I am sure most of you know, every vehicle is tuned differently and requires a "special touch" to get it launched. For one Florida-based driver, Kristen Taylor, we're pretty sure that message has been received.

Taylor, a recent buyer of a do-it-yourself Infiniti Q60, found out the hard way as she stalled her car on the tracks. The gates came down and an approaching train took out the Q60 lickety split.

Thankfully, Taylor scrambled and got out of the car before it was smashed.

Though I hate to make this a teaching moment, I think this just sends a clear message if you're just starting to learn how to drive a manual you should spend a couple of weeks on flat back roads. From there, park the car on hills and learn how to do hill starts. If you're particularly concerned about safety, teach yourself how to restart the car as quick as possible so it's muscle memory in an emergency situation.

Be safe out there, Spies!

Woman Jumps out of her brand new Car stalled on Train tracks just SECONDS before collision. Terrifying video shows moment a woman jumps out of her brand-new car stalled on train tracks just SECONDS before collision Kristen Taylor, 28, escaped with only minor injuries from flying car debris A SunRail commuter train totaled Taylor's Infinity after it stalled at Maitland, Florida, train station Monday

Kristen Taylor had just bought a black Infiniti and was still learning how to use a stick shift when her car got stuck on the train tracks in Maitland, Florida.

A video released by the Florida Department of Transportation this week showed the terrifying moment a SunRail locomotive slammed into Taylor's brand-new car Monday afternoon just a few seconds after the driver escaped to safety.

According to police, Ms Taylor, of Altamonte Springs, was heading west on Packwood Avenue in Maitland just after 2pm Monday when her Infiniti stalled at the railroad crossing.

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VIDEO: Learning To Drive A Manual? Stall ANYWHERE But In The MIDDLE Of A Railroad Crossing

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