There are Ferraris and then there are.

..Ferraris. Let me explain.

When you get a standard issue 458 Italia, it must be one of the greatest feelings of your life. You've "made it," and now you're living your childhood dream. But if you have the means and you're on your 10th Ferrari, likely you'll be looking for something a bit more unique that go 'round.

For folks like James Glickenhaus and Peter Kalikow, this meant turning to Ferrari and/or Pininfarina for an exclusive one-off. The F12 TRS is one of these cars.

Based on the new F12, the F12 TRS pays homage to Barchetta Ferraris of yore. With a "chopped" windshield and integrated windows, it looks like a real-world concept car. There's plenty of all-new bits and changes but I'll let the video do the talking.

In the first clip you'll have a quick walkaround of the all-new prancing horse. In the second clip you'll be following the F12 TRS on the Ferrari Cavalcade, which happened about a week ago. Note how LOUD the TRS?

**WATCH these revealing clips, below!

The Ferrari Special Projects division have worked on some very awesome cars, most famously Eric Clapton's SP12-EC. The latest creation to leave the company is the F12 TRS, an open-top version of the F12 Berlinetta, but one that not only sounds even more awesome, but looks phenomenal.

It's reported the cost of a custom development of such a car is in the region of $4.5 million, a staggering fee but brings with it a truly unique vehicle officially from the Italian manufacturer.

VIDEO: SEEN And HEARD — BEST Footage Of The All-New, One-Off Ferrari F12 TRS

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