Now that the automotive world has begun to figure out this whole Social Media wave, things have gotten interesting.

Just about every week another manufacturer is putting out a YouTube clip that features an all-new product undergoing rigorous testing. Some automakers do it better than others. While the Germans tend to stick to car porn shots and ridiculous voiceovers, the Italians adore shooting a gratuitous amount of donuts or wow us with a bit of drama.

After you get a peek at the video below though, likely you'll never be able to take one of these clips seriously again.

I am STILL laughing from what I just saw below! Can you guess what has me in stitches?

When Karl Marx stated in his Critique of Political Economy exactly 150 years ago that commodities had largely taken the place of relationships between persons and dominate us as phantasmagorical forms, he may not even have thought of the automobile, since experiments were still being conducted with steam or gas-driven motors. This was still nineteen years before the birth of the automobile in 1886. Yet there is hardly another object that has become so much of a fetish since then, serving to distinguish between power and impotence, rich and poor. Discussions about carbon dioxide emissions and particulate matter cannot prevent the car from triggering tremendous desires even today. It thus seems almost inevitable that now a further automobile model from the workshop of Johannes Langeder in Linz should be presented to the public, since the first, meanwhile already legendary Ferdinand GT3 RS was so extremely successful.

With the development of his new, ultimate super sports car, Langeder dares to look into the future, because unlike his imitation of the iconic 911, the new model is a kind of clairvoyant anticipation of a vehicle that is not yet even on the market. Fahrradi – the name is a clever combination of the German word for bicycle (“Fahrrad”) and the reference brand, alluding to the essential principle of construction – is based on literally the same framework conditions as its predecessor: a perfectly imitated auto body made of light tubes and adhesive connections, which encases a bicycle construction as drive and slows down the approximately 700 HP of the previous model to 1 – 2 human-power. Johannes Langeder always sends his vehicles into real traffic, but instead of the expected sonorous motor noise, they move silently and with the weightless elegance of a butterfly.

VIDEO: Wait Until You Get A LOAD Of This - Automakers And Their YouTube Videos Will NEVER Be The Same Again

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