Perhaps I am thinking too hard here but I could have swore that there is a saying that Kevin Smith passed along to us from Prince: ". gotta know who your father is..." It didn't make much sense at the time, but now we can apply it to this all-new video put together by our friends across the pond at XCAR.

The auto cinemaphiles put together this slick clip looking back at Jaguar's rich history of two-door roadsters from yore. The best part? They actually drive the damn things. And if any of you have been keeping an eye on the value of D-Type Jaguars, you'd know they don't go for a bargain these days.

That said, XCAR starts at the beginning with the not often heard about C-Type. As you'd expect it progresses to the D-Type, which is best known for how it did in motorsport. Of course next is the very well-known E-Type that helped inject sex into the brand. As you'd expect, the clip wraps up with the all-new F-Type.

Though we're hard pressed to think that the F-Type will be able to shake a stick at the likes of the D-Type or E-Type that birthed it, we do think it's a helluva product.

**Check out XCAR's video below!

The Jaguar F-Type might be the new kid on the block but it comes from a long line of legends. We take a look back to where it all began and track the history of these legendary cars. The C-type, D-type, E-Type and F-Type, all together, on track.

VIDEO: What Makes The Jaguar F-Type The

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