Imagine you've just purchased a Lamborghini Aventador SV.

It's fresh from the dealer and, in fact, is not even equipped with plates — you're on temp tags/dealer promo plates. 

And then this happens.

Someone approaches your vehicle and walks over it front to back.

Now, remember, the Aventador is built of lightweight materials. And if you've ever played around with a supercar you know that both aluminum sheetmetal as well as carbon fiber are relatively fragile if you're not careful. Aluminum bends and gets dinged super easily. Carbon fiber tends to crack or shatter. 

So what runs through someone's mind when someone climbs on top of the car, traverses your half million dollar vehicle and may very well leave impressions? Not to mention leave marks on the paint. 

One owner in downtown San Francisco didn't take too kindly to this and you can see the end result below.

Note: The first clip shows the beginning of the confrontation; however, note the driver is already out of the car, so, who knows how this ruckus really got started.


Found another angle thanks to @mitchsalazar84 #lamborghini #lambo

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Reporting live from DownTown San Francisco. Licensed by @worldstar

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VIDEO: What Would YOU Do If Someone Just Walked ALL OVER Your Lamborghini Aventador SV?

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