The BMW M3 community is a funny one.

Don't even bother going to ask those boys and girls for advice, simply because all they'll tell you is "get an M3." That parody video is, more or less, on point.

Since then there's been a couple more.

Now I have a quick question: what's the BEST BMW M3 on the market?

I am sure some people will raise their hands and say the E30 but in all honesty was it really the best? Maybe at its time but not these days.

Then there's the E36, which if anyone's had one long-term, I am sure they'll be happy to tell you how it turns into a bucket of problems once it hits a certain age. It puts heroin-shooting teenagers to shame.

The E46 is at that certain point where if you pick up a 2003, 2004 or 2005 you may actually still have a non-ruined example. The 2001 and 2002s are known for their engines self detonating but something tells me those cars have had their problems resolved by now.

For me, the E92 is a total let down so I won't even consider that for discussion.

So, what's the BEST M3 out there?

WHICH BMW M3 Is The BEST Of The Lot? E30? E36? E46? E92?

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