This year Mercedes-Benz decided to sort of surprise at the 2012 Beijing Motor Show.

That's because it debuted the CSC Coupe Concept.

Now the reason it's a surprise is because it was almost unnecessary.

Given that we've been following the CLA's spy shots very closely, we weren't shocked to see a CLS lookalike that's essentially been scaled down for mass consumption.

We WERE shocked to see a couple of the elements that Mercedes-Benz brought forward with this particular concept though. Take, for example, the A-Class-inspired grille, which we love. How about those really cool looking wheels? For some reason they remind me of the SLR and SL's wheels from several years ago. I guess it's that whole twisting thing.

The final area where Mercedes caught us off guard was in the vehicle's cockpit. From what I can remember, I have never seen a Benz concept look even remotely like this. Sure you can see that the A-Class-inspired dash is there, but I am referencing the types of materials used and the bold colors.

It reminds me of a pair of Nike running shoes.

This could be showcasing one very intriguing differentiation of the CLA from the rest of the MB lineup -- it will NOT be staid and old-school.

That said, we've been able to cobble up some videos of the CSC Concept that Mercedes recently released.

Mercedes-Benz CSC Concept

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