Just when you thought the automotive industry had finally agreed on "green" technology, another curveball is thrown.

It turns out that hydrogen is making a comeback.

Thought to be long gone, hydrogen fuel cells are going to be hitting streets soon. At least in Japan.

Toyota will be spearheading this effort with plans to launch a fuel cell vehicle "by the end of this year," with production starting in Mid-December. This is a change from the course. The Japanese-based automaker said that 2015 was a realistic time frame.

No word if any of them will make it stateside, but you can cross your fingers if you're in SoCal. At least that's the only place that I believe has hydrogen filling stations — who knows if they're still there.

...A fuel-cell vehicle is powered by electricity generated through a chemical reaction of hydrogen and oxygen, but the development of hydrogen charging stations has not seen major progress, possibly hindering the sales of such vehicles, according to experts.

Although Toyota officials have said the company has no intention to directly engage in the hydrogen infrastructure business, it is planning to cooperate in the development and management of hydrogen supply systems...

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With Electric Vehicles On The RISE, Toyota Puts Its Neck On The Line And Heads In A TOTALLY DIFFERENT Direction — AND They'll Be Here SOON

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