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A couple of years back Toyota and BMW signed an agreement to build a new set of sports cars. The two would later be unveiled to be the future 2018 Toyota Supra and the 2018 BMW Z5. The latter is expected to be the first of the two cars to be released. Unlike the Supra, the Z5 is going to be a two-seats convertible, and it will not come with a hard-top. Instead, it seems BMW will offer the Z5 only as a soft-top but more on that later.
This time around the Z5 will be built on a brand new platform so that it will share very little with BMW’s other cars. Even though this is not official, it seems BMW is using heavy amounts of aluminum and little high strength steel. Some composites may also be used in its suspension system in order to reduce the unsprung weight by as much as possible.

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2018 BMW Z5 -  Is this the birth of a perfect car?

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