Yeah, so you remember not too long ago when BMW showed off that "CSL" styled four-door? Automotive publications across the globe reported about a lightweight M3 sedan to make an appearance. They were wrong.


I held back from even touching it with a 10 foot pole because it just didn't make sense to me. Why would BMW make a lightweight sedan when it has traditionally stuck to lightweight coupes with the E36 and E46? Additionally, it already had the M3 GTS abroad, which would an easier answer to the lack of a lightweight problem.

My gut was working on that one, to be honest, so I veered away from that.

Well, it appears my instinct must be pretty spot on since it was confirmed at the 2011 New York Auto Show, by our friend Matt Russell -- M Brand Manager, US --, that there will not be an M3 lightweight sedan.

In our interview with Matt Russell, M Brand and Alpina Manager for the US, at the 2011 NYIAS, we asked about the likelihood of the US market receiving the upcoming lightweight M3 sedan.

The unfortunate news is that there are currently no plans to bring the lightweight M3 sedan to the US market.
Matt cites the reason as there being not much time left to build the E90 M3 sedan and the always difficult homologation issue (couldn't certify for US)....

[Source: M3post]

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