As I was driving around LA this week seeing a lot of the popular 'in crowd' rides, it became apparent that there seems to be a trend of epidemic proportions, of DOUCHEBAGS driving the streets in these road icons.

There is the macho car moniker, chick car, kid racer, garage queen, etc., etc., etc. but NO one has marked ONE vehicle as a 'DOUCHEBAG' car.

So I thought I would open up the subject to the leading auto trendsetters, the reader and go down in history as the place that officially coined the term.

I have a feeling, this article will end up having some of the most interesting choices and comments of any article we've ever done.

And it should be a WHOLE lotta fun.

Except for the manufacturer that ends up having one of their models become the 'OFFICIAL Car of DOUCHEBAGS'

The only rule is you HAVE to choose both the MAKE AND MODEL and tell us WHY you chose it.

You can't just say, anything from such and such a manufacturer.

So have at it friends and give your answers, but the response, ANY car the '00's drive is the winner is NOT allowed!

Although, in the words of John Mayer, we're probably as 'douchy' as any men can be! LOLOL!!!!


And don't forget to pass the article around on the major social networks so we get a REALLY large sampling of choices.

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What ONE Vehicle Would YOU Pick To Be Known Forever More As The Official Ride Of DOUCHEBAGS?

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