For what feels like an eternity, we've been following the development of the all-new, BMW 5-Series. We saw oodles and oodles of spy shots, we watched the latest spy video and we did our best to keep you informed.

After some teasers and a leak, the next-gen 5-Series appeared this week.

2017 BMW 5-Series

Painting broad strokes here, it seems like the all-new midsize luxury sedan isn't connecting with the Spies though. Some have derided its evolution as a bit too tame and others just don't feel particularly inspired by the all-new cars' looks.

To me though, if it drives and it functions anything like the all-new 7, it will be a better product over the competition. Thing is, form does matter. Especially when to many buyers perception is reality.

Personally, while leafing through the 5'ers pics I only came across one of the variants that stirred me. Predictably, that was the M550i. No, it's not a real M vehicle but it was tuned up by M GmbH. Much like the M240i, it's not the real deal but it looks the part.

That said, I have to ask: Is the M Performance trim the ONLY way to get the all-new 5?

Please note: The M Sport package will be different from the M Performance vehicle — look closely.

2017 BMW 5-Series

Is The All-New, 2017 BMW 5-Series ONLY Good Looking In M Performance Form? What Say YOU?

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