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Bob Howard Acura
13101 North Kelley Ave
Oklahoma City, OK 73131
(405) 753-8770
Bob Howard Acura Reviews

Don Carlton Acura of Tulsa
4905 South Memorial Drive
Tulsa, OK 74147
(918) 664-2300
Don Carlton Acura of Tulsa Reviews

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Don Carlton Acura of Tulsa - Tulsa, OK

On 7/5/2015 8:11:46 PM debdolsky@yahoo.com wrote:
I wasted a day of my life and several hundred dollars to travel to Tulsa and buy a car that was listed on the website as having little to no wear. When I arrived, the car had HUNDREDS of paint chips on the front bumper and hood, as well as a few significant chips with dents. They acted like I was being picky expecting the car to be in almost new condition as advertised. The used car manager even had the nerve to say, "Well, it is a used car." Since I had traveled to purchase the car, I wanted it painted and delivered to me, but they were not willing to do this. The internet sales manager was trying to convince the GM and the owner to do what I requested. They were very difficult to deal with and obviously not concerned about the time and money that I had spent to travel there to purchase the car. I left without buying the car.

Bob Howard Acura - Oklahoma City, OK

On 3/20/2015 3:55:42 PM leehanwedding@gmail.com wrote:
Make sure you read every peice of paperwork. They tried to dupe us on the warranty twice and neglected to tell us about the manditory "protective coating" required for Resist-All claims.

We visited Bob Howard Acura on 3/7/2014 to look at a used Ford Expedition. We were greeted by a salesperson, Sarah, and she took us to see the SUV. It drove great, miles were low, and price was fair. After the test drive, we decided to look at a few comparable vehicles in the area, but returned when the sales manager phoned saying that they would accept our price offer including a 42000 mi warranty.
The details price and details sounded acceptable, our only request was for the car to be detailed because the leather was dirty, the plastic moldings had scuffmarks, the carpet had spots & dirt, and there was grit in most of the cracks and dust on the surfaces. Nothing major, but who wants to bring a car home to detail it themselves? Sarah said it would not be a problem and that they'd take care of it while we were talking to the finance manager, Rebecca. ** Let me preface this next part by saying that Sarah was great. Other than being new, and maybe a little too nice to get things done, she was perfectly fine to work with.
This is where things went wrong. We were already approved for a low rate through our bank, but Rebecca told us she’d shop for a lower rate or at the very least, work with our bank using the rate we were approved for. We asked her to remove the things that she rolled into the cost without asking us, and elected for 1 inexpensive Resist-All paint and upholstery coverage. We signed a few things and were given vague answers to most of our questions about terms and coverage. At no point did she review warranty upgrade options or the details of the warranty that we were promised. I am in sales myself, so I understand that if I articulate the benefits of something in a way that the customer sees value in, they will likely say yes if their budget allows. We weren’t given that opportunity.

We were handed the keys and told that someone would call us to finish up the sale on Monday. Things seems a little too easy and really too good to be true of a used car purchase. That night upon review of the paperwork and inspection of the SUV, we noticed that it was "Too good to be true". The following issues were found:
1) Every page of the paperwork had the wrong address.
2) The warranty coverage was 12000 miles less than what we agreed to.
3) The vehicle had not been thoroughly cleaned.
4) The Resist-all coverage was void unless the protective coating was professionally applied (this was not discussed or scheduled at the dealership).
I called bright and early Monday morning. I was not presented with new paperwork until Wednesday. At that point it was still wrong. The warranty term and mileage was corrected, but they dropped the warranty coverage to the lowest level which hardly covered anything. We declined to sign. Friday, after not hearing back from the dealership we requested to sit down to review and sign everything and drop off our trade-in. The interest rate was still the same rate that we had negotiated prior to entering the dealership, so we aren’t confident that any “shopping around” was done. We scheduled the Resist-All application and requested a full detail so that dirt and stains would not be sealed into the leather and carpet.
When we picked the vehicle up, the leather may have been cleaned, the carpet was vacuumed and that was about it. The seatbelt had crayon on it, the dash and gauges were still dusty, the console still had food and drink particles in it, the seats had debris in the crevasses, the wheels had brake dust on them, and the bumper still had a coat of dirt on the entire surface. After 3 trips to the dealership, we decided that we should just cut our losses and clean the car ourselves.
Almost 2 weeks after the purchase, we were asked for another signature on the trade-in affidavit. We've yet to receive the title or finance paperwork, so we’re still not sure that we are completely done with this whole ordeal. This was needlessly difficult experience caused by a lack of thoroughness. Had anyone ever taken the time to review the details with us, we could have pointed out the errors on the first visit. They were too focused on rushing through the sale to make sure that everything was correct and that we felt taken care of. We felt like We will not be back (unless it’s to sign another piece of incorrect paperwork).