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Latest Chrysler Dealer Reviews

DC Motors in Rockhampton - Rockhampton,

On 11/21/2014 3:23:20 AM Jeephater01 wrote:
After taking my jeep to dc motors in June 2014 to have a squeak looked at I was told that the vehicle would need to be re booked back in to have a further inspection. End of July I took the car back to dc and they advised they would need to order a part which would take 2 weeks and would call me once the part was in. 3 weeks had passed and still hadn't heard about the part arriving, so I called dc motors and they said the part would be here in another 2 weeks. 6 weeks had then passed since the car was "diagnosed" and still nothing. So I called dc yet again and was told the part was on back order and had no eta. I then called Chrysler and they advised they would contact me in 2 days. 3 weeks had then passed and still no call from dc or Chrysler so I called Chrysler again and was advised one part had arrived in Aus and the other was still on its way and dc would call me to arrange a time to "fix" the vehicle. 2 weeks had then passed and finally was notified by dc that the part had arrived but they could not fit me in for 2 weeks. I booked the car in for it to finally be fixed... Or one would think it would be fixed and all sorted after waiting almost 4 months for the part. I then took the vehicle into dc at the start of November. Picked up the vehicle and the same noise was there. The vehicle then had to be taken back for them to check it. They then advised that I would need another part and this may not be covered under warranty as the car is no longer under warranty (even though it was diagnosed while under warranty) after several attempts to contact the jeep service desk I was told 3 times I would be called back. After not receiving a call from them for 3 days I then called them... Again. I have now been told that they need to send through the service book for Chrysler to approve a warranty fix. Now is it just me or should this not have been done after the part was replaced- noticed the squeak was still there and should have then diagnosed the other issues at that contact and then sent through service history to Chrysler instead of 2 inappropriate trips to rockhamptpn from yeppoon. Maybe I am just expecting too much from this dealer and my expetations are set too high, because heaven forbid them actually foolowing through on something they say they will do or getting things correct in the first place. So if this is approved by Chrysler I will then have to wait at least another month for the part to come here and looks like I get the fun job of driving my 3 year old jeep that sounds like a 1975 rusted out falcon. Cheers for all of your help dc motors, you deserve a 10 out of 10 for disgusting service

Premier Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram - West Covina, CA

On 11/21/2014 1:05:25 AM C300s wrote:
Premier Chrysler's Service department has raised the bar when it comes to customer service.
Through out the entire process from when I phoned to advise that I was bringing my vehicle in due to issues with the transmission. To the time when I drove off after having the transmission serviced. I received such a high level of service that it made me feel like valued customer.
Debbie M./Service Advisor was very professional with a keen ear for details, and always made sure to clarify so that my concerns would be addressed.
Juan L/Service Tech took time to answer specific questions I had, explaning in layman's terms how my concerns had been resolved.
Thanks for the great service!