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Car Pros FIAT and Alfa Romeo of Seattle
700 S. Grady Way
Renton, WA 98057
(866) 979-8419
Car Pros FIAT and Alfa Romeo of Seattle Reviews

FIAT of Seattle
301 Baker Blvd
Seattle, WA 98188
(866) 906-1945
FIAT of Seattle Reviews

FIAT of Tacoma
3740 South Tacoma Way
Tacoma, WA 98409
(253) 830-5700
FIAT of Tacoma Reviews

Rairdon's FIAT of Kirkland
12415 Slater Avenue Northeast
Kirkland, WA 98034
(425) 821-0900
Rairdon's FIAT of Kirkland Reviews

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Rairdon's FIAT of Kirkland - Kirkland, WA

On 6/8/2017 2:31:49 PM peteso27@aol.com wrote:
Vini junior was very helpfull, polite, and put up with me. This kid was triple A deluxe. Really tries hard to make sure your happy.

Rairdon's FIAT of Kirkland - Kirkland, WA

On 6/1/2017 6:29:42 PM lizzybear1130@gmail.com wrote:
I am very disappointed on how things ended and so I believe it is my right to clearly indicate to the public what has transpired at Maserati, FIAT, Alfa Romeo of Kirkland.

Never in my life have I dealt with such a mediocre service department and to say that you guys are the "Top Dealership" in WA State is beyond me.

The first time we brought our vehicle we had a list of concerns and even went over it with Chad; Service Advisor. When we finally received our vehicle, we noticed our issues were not addressed and was given the vehicle back with a burnt out brake light; which we never caused. Again, we had to put our business needs aside to bring in the vehicle with a set appt on April 28th to have the items fixed that we had previously requested. We met with Robert Lecrinski (Service Manager) for the first time and went through the list together. Upon getting our work order Robert mentioned several times this vehicle was engineered wrong and that our car and all 500L's were "Shit Cars". We couldn't believe the top WA State dealership would be so bold with customers such as he was that day.

The Service Manager; Robert Lecrenski was apologetic and admitted his service department dropped the ball. In lieu of our dissatisfaction and their negligence, the service manager was more than happy to give us a Maserati loaner (in filth and little tire tread) with the following terms:

1. Unlimited Miles
2. Full gas of tank upon receiving and no expectation whatsoever of bringing it back with a full tank of gas.
3. It was mentioned that we travel in the U.S. and out of the Country for work and that our business would not cease. Not once was it mentioned that it would need to remain in the U.S. My line of business requires me to travel all over to meet with clients and artists. So, for anyone to assume that we would be remote is beyond us.

We then picked up our vehicle on May 17th and noticed that the majority of the issues were repaired, with the exception of the Safety Recall T19. Within 1 hour, the car was bogging vigorously and we immediately tried calling the Service Manager who had already gone home. We followed up with an email and phone call the following morning and expressed our concerns with Robert who proceeded to tell us that this is an "Engineering Issue" and that it cannot be fixed by FIAT of Kirkland. He then proceeded to tell us that we should contact FCA. Basically, he refused service. While describing the problem to another dealership out-of-state, they mentioned it was an issue that could be repaired. So, why Bob would say it was an engineering issue leads me to believe that he did not want to service us due to the fact that we were complaining which as a customer, we have the right to do so being time is MONEY. Not once in that conversation did he mention the need to help us with our issues nor did he mention a problem with the Maserati loaner.

Later that evening, he had his Fixed Operations Director; Bradley Wolf call us to harass us over the phone. He was extremely rude and unprofessional. He did not let us get one word into the conversation and constantly interrupted my fiancée and I. He even went so far as to accuse us of exploiting the Maserati loaner. To make that type of accusation against someone is considered slander and libel. It seemed he was more worried about the loaner and his 15-year friendship with Robert. The conversation with Bradley went astray as he immediately banned us from having a loaner and mentioned he did not care if we lost money, time, or clients being that this was his dealership. The customer service was mediocre and I felt embarrassment for the dealership and for Greg Rairdon.

WA State dealerships are not open to diversity it seems and we have had more than one occasion where we were stereotyped and profiled, hence why we are moving from WA State all together.

Due to the negligence of Fiat of Kirkland, we took our car to Portland OR, where they are more welcoming, courteous, knowledgeable, and more open to diversity. We're currently in a loaner for the next two weeks while our car is being fixed.****