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Chevrolet Buick GMC of Fairbanks
3300 S Cushman St
Fairbanks , AK 99701
(907) 452-8211
Chevrolet Buick GMC of Fairbanks Reviews

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Chevrolet Buick GMC of Fairbanks - Fairbanks , AK

On 3/22/2014 12:09:59 PM beckyhasse wrote:
We were looking for a new vehicle - a Yukon XL Denali. When we asked for a price, the salesman wouldn't give us "his best price" unless we promised to drive it away that day. We told him there was no way we could commit to that without a price. He kept us there for quite a while, coming back and asking the same question. When we finally insisted on a price, after waiting for quite awhile, we were given a price that was even more than we found online. We left the dealership - we were late for an appointment by then. Later that day, we called Anchorage, received excellent service from Alaska Sales and Service, flew down as soon as we could get a plane out of here, picked up our new vehicle, and drove it home. The salesman here was nice enough, but I don't think we need those high-pressured sales techniques in Fairbanks - especially not when selling high-end vehicles. We tried our best to purchase our new vehicle here - you shouldn't send your hometown residents away! Thank you for taking the time to read this!

Chevrolet Buick GMC of Fairbanks - Fairbanks , AK

On 3/2/2014 1:58:10 AM charitykay99 wrote:
We were treated good at the beginning, but it took a turn at the end.

My husband received a call from one of the salesmen over at Chevy. The salesman told my husband that since he was a loyal customer that he was eligible for thousands of dollars off of the vehicle he wanted. So we set up an appointment to speak with this person when we got there on Saturday.

When we got there everyone was as nice as could be. The salesman was very polite and made a superfical attempt to be personable by asking me about my pregnancy. We laughed and joked a little bit before he passed us off to a young man that was very friendly. We began walking around looking for the truck that we came in for in the first place. We pass the initial salesman and he asked which one we are getting and how we liked it (laugh and joke blah blah blah).

Once we found it and picked what we wanted we all went inside to talk prices. Now the guy we were working with was agreeable and wanting to work with us as much as he could. Finding that we were not budging one where we wanted the payment to be he went for reinforcements.

First off let me say that the truck was marked down in the first place. Please don't tell me you are doing me a favor in the pricing by showing me what it was marked down from. You tell me it is now on sale for X amount of dollars then that is where we are starting our talk. I don't appreciate them showing us the 'thousands' of dollars that we were going to save was from what the price was. NO, if you are going to give us cash back it will be from the shown marked price.

So, the first guy that passed us off in the first place comes back to 'close' the deal doesn't go back to check with a boss to see if there is anything he can do he goes straight for the sweet spot. He asked what truck we were trying to get, even though we had just told him less than 15 min ago. I told him where I budget was, what I wanted, and were our wiggle room was. He went through a lot of trouble to show us how we can turn a 750 payment to a 500 payment by pulling money from extra accounts and using our taxes, and extra money like Ak PFD, until we refinance to lower our payment. Great stuff. With a very snappy tone he looked at me and said he could tell I wasn't happy with all of this. And I said no that's not going to work. Throwing his pen down on the table and very rudely he said, "WELL WHY NOT!" With my own attitude I explain why. I have a budget and this is what I can spend on a truck payment.. I told him that we came in here looking to get a vehicle but if we couldn't work out a deal we had to problem walking out. He said, "Well, you won't walk out with that truck!" So we ended the conversation right there. He got up and walked away. The other guy came back with a sheepish look and said sorry they we couldn't make deal. He said that his boss told him to go a head a get us out.

All they had to do was say, "You know what? We can't get you into this vehicle at that price. I apologize for that, but is there anything else you might be interested in?''

I get it. There isn't a lot of places to go in Fairbanks AK, but treat me with respect while I am with you. Your job is to get me to spend as much as I can and my job is to spend as less as I can. I did not lose my temper with this guy until he started talking to me with suck a rude tone. My husband was a very loyal customer for the past several years, but we will not be going back if the salesmen get mad and rude with you when you want to work out a lower deal..