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Baker INFINITI Charleston
1513 Savannah Hwy.
Charleston, SC 29407
(843) 852-4000
Baker INFINITI Charleston Reviews

2600 Laurens Road
Greenville, SC 29607
(855) 711-0295
Bradshaw INFINITI Reviews

3670 Fernandina Rd
Columbia, SC 29210
(803) 772-8700
Dick Smith INFINITI Reviews

INFINITI of Hilton Head
46 Auto Mall Blvd
Hardeeville, SC 29927
(843) 208-9100
INFINITI of Hilton Head Reviews

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Baker INFINITI Charleston - Charleston, SC

On 3/28/2017 8:04:07 PM wrote:
This dealership's service department has proved to be exceptionally disappointing in the one and only time that we have dealt with them, which was to address the Takata airbag recall that affected my 2006 M35. Because my dash was cracked, this too was replaced at no cost to me by Infiniti while the airbag repair took place. First problem was that the complimentary car wash that was on my paperwork was not performed. Annoying, but not a huge deal and I didn't have time to wait on them to wash it when they'd already had my car two days (the service rep told me the work takes about half a day because he used to be a mechanic there). Whatever, I had been issued a loaner. More about that later.

When we got the car back, the steering wheel, which had previously been working just fine, made a grinding noise when it was adjusted. My husband called the service rep who said that it was likely due to their messing around in the dashboard (he should know because he previously was a mechanic) and to bring it back in the next business day. I brought it back the next business day and was issued another loaner. I received an email later that afternoon telling me that they needed to keep the car overnight and that they were still determining why the steering wheel was malfunctioning. Next morning, I received a call that the problem was not something they had done after all even though they were working all over my dashboard, and that with parts and labor my bill would come to about $700. At that point I called my husband who spoke to someone else in the service department who was adamant that they would not absorb the cost of this repair because they didn't do anything that could have caused it, but they did offer the generous discount price of $525. He also said that the dash was replaced due to some goodwill on the dealership's part, and then when my husband reminded him that Infiniti was the one who was paying for it, became defensive and told my husband "not to tell him what his job was." So that's at least disingenuous. They also told us that were we repeat customers at this dealership they would be more willing to work with us. I don't think that's how you go about securing repeat customers by screwing them for something you messed up and then being schmucks about it.

So we have filed a claim with Infiniti. The issue is not resolved and even if Infiniti corporate won't pay for the repair I won't give Baker Infiniti any money because the damage is already done, literally. To add insult to injury, when I picked up my car the second time they STILL hadn't even bothered to wash my car.

I don't know if this is something strange, but at Baker, they also take a credit card when you are issued a loaner and you have to agree to have the gas back at the level you received it at, down to the eight of a tank, no less. You should understand we are used to dealing with the Lexus dealership down the street who issues loaners for oil changes and definitely doesn't treat their customers like criminals by taking a credit card or even expect gas to be reimbursed, and who in general bends over backwards for their customers, something you'd think was routine also from a luxury dealership like Baker. Maybe if I drove a newer Infiniti we'd get treated with respect but apparently someone who drives a 2006 isn't up to snuff in the opinion of these people. Not satisfied at all, won't be going back, probably won't buy another Infiniti either.

Bradshaw INFINITI - Greenville, SC

On 3/28/2017 4:47:02 PM wrote:
Easy transaction and got the price we wanted without haggling. After test driving several vehicles, ultimately agreed the Infiniti was the one. Thanks for a quick easy lease transaction.