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Parker Lexus
1 Shackleford West Blvd
Little Rock, AR 72211
(501) 221-1700
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Parker Lexus - Little Rock, AR

On 11/4/2016 4:13:58 PM wrote:
I am very disappointed in this dealership. When I bought my vehicle, I put faith in the name. Don't be fooled by the Lexus title! Jamie Pinckard will do his best to treat you like an idiot. He doesn't care about the customer. Just that paycheck. And if something needs fixed, he will make you out to be a liar. Not to mention, he said they add on to the price of a vehicle if something needs fixed before selling. (Hence, they pay less for the vehicle because of the problems and then sell it for that much more than the value after they fix it.) I'm sure he didn't mean to let that one slip. And he also extremely lowballs you for your trade. Forget KBB, they have many "more accurate" ways of calculating the value of a vehicle. Oh and if multiple other dealerships offered much more, they were "overallowing on the car they are selling". I'm sure that's what they did for their FIRST offer. "It's not even worth how much I'm giving you for it."
Aside from all of that, I brought my SUV up to be fixed and drove around for 6 hours (with my two babies) waiting on a call for it to be finished. Nothing. I called 30 minutes before closing and was told that it wouldn't be finished that day. Thanks for letting me know! I had a 2 hour drive home. Ended up being another day after that before it was ready. I was told certain things would be fixed (things that should not be a problem coming from a Lexus dealership), and then he turned around and said they wouldn't because it would cost too much. NOT MY PROBLEM! Sorry, but I shouldn't buy a $30k vehicle and have it look like junk with the door panel coming off!! Ohhhh, but it's a used vehicle. I could've got the same crap from a buy here/pay here place. Not to mention two weeks after I bought it, it wouldn't even start! I had to fix that myself (because "they check that in inspection"). I guess everything started magically falling apart after I bought it. I haven't even made the first payment yet, and it's being unreliable.
I have currently been trying to get a hold of the used car manager, but apparently every day I call he is either "out" or not there for the day. Lucky me. I will definitely update my review if anything changes.

Parker Lexus - Little Rock, AR

On 10/27/2016 9:21:43 PM wrote:
After spending 3 months reviewing new vehicles , we decided to buy lexus .Because it seems to have the best resale value and best (low cost) service maint. And best worry free vehicles on the market. i have work in auto service for 25 years so i know! buying was completely hassle free, went in for my first service was amazed how stream line it went, was in and out in less than 30 mins, and they kept me informed on how things were going, other dealers should take some tips from this place, i will be back and i will buy again from them, keep up the great work parker lexus . and thank you.