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MINI of Annapolis
25 Old Mill Bottom Road N
Annapolis, MD 21401
(410) 349-2128
MINI of Annapolis Reviews

MINI of Baltimore County
720 Kenilworth Drive
Towson, MD 21204
(410) 296-6464
MINI of Baltimore County Reviews

Passport MINI of Montgomery County
1190 Rockville Pike
Rockville , MD 20852
(888) 437-2515
Passport MINI of Montgomery County Reviews

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MINI of Baltimore County - Towson, MD

On 6/21/2016 1:51:34 PM wrote:
I was treated very well at Mini Baltimore County. Jason Rourk and Jake Mays took very good care of me. They answered all my questions, let me drive numerous vehicles, brought every vehicle out that I wanted to see, answered my financing questions, accommodated my husband on a separate visit and worked with me to get the Mini that was just right for me! After I bought it, they both spent time going over the entire vehicle with me. It was a very pleasant car buying experience. They also made it very clear that this was just the beginning of my Mini voyage! They will be available down the road not just at the time of purchase.

Passport MINI of Montgomery County - Rockville , MD

On 4/22/2016 11:21:34 PM wrote:
Disappointed with unprofessional conduct of Mini of Montgomery.
I purchased my mini from them and had it delivered to California (where I live). When the car was delivered, I signed the paperwork saying it looked fine. Noticed after delivery (had not driven the car yet) that the tire pressure was low in right rear tire as the sign came on. I thought it may have been during the long distance delivery. Filled up the tire the first time. But noticed that the tire kept getting deflated. Took to a local dealership and found that it had a nail in it, so tire keeps getting deflated slowly. Reported the problem to MINI of Montgomery, who is now completely shirking responsibility.
1. They claim all their cars are inspected before sale, but they have no paperwork to show that the tires were inspected right before the car was shipped.
2. They claim that because I signed the delivery form and accepted the car, I am responsible for accepting the car "as is". This is a fraudulent approach - a typical car buyer will not be able to spot a small nail in the tire while purchasing. Nor will anyone think of checking tire pressure before accepting delivery of a brand new car.
3. When I called to report the problem and sought to resolve with them, they were exceptionally rude, especially for a MINI dealership. Replacing a tire is a tiny expense compared to the amount we paid for the car and all the bells & whistles, especially when its due to an oversight on part of the dealership. But now they are completely denying responsibility. I have been a happy and loyal MINI owner for over a decade, but the dishonest business practices of MINI of Montgomery County have been extremely frustrating.