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MINI of Warwick
1515A Bald Hill Rd
Warwick, RI 02886
(877) 361-3394
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MINI of Warwick - Warwick, RI

On 6/20/2014 2:40:14 PM Housepais wrote:
Donna was great. Second Mini I purchased from her- would recommend to anyone. Fast and friendly. Car was ready when I arrived to pick it up. Thanks!!!!

MINI of Warwick - Warwick, RI

On 6/20/2014 1:14:59 PM SJL7470573 wrote:
Despite hours of reading reviews from every possible source, weighing every option and finally picking out the car one wants always seems to be the easiest part of the car buying process, while actually going to a dealership and having to "make a deal" is usually the worst. Right up until setting foot in MINI of Warwick. I couldn't have dreamed up an easier process from start to finish. At no time did I feel any of the usual hawking or pressure or, "let me talk to my manager/see what I can do" bologna.

Donna Keane was an absolute pleasure to work with from the moment I stepped in and asked for help. Even though I went in to test drive a 2010 MINI Clubman in the pouring rain! She was ever so patient with my driving, (going from an H3 to a Mini Clubman was an exercise in spatial problem solving). She was also incredibly understanding knowing that I actually had a few cars from different makes I wanted to also check out that day at other dealerships, to see what would suit my needs. At no point was there a pressure to keep me there, or even try to sway me away from the other brands I was looking at, (Subaru being the next runner up to Mini). No other dealership I visited that day for the other cars I was looking at were as laid back, helpful and knowledgable.

The fact that Donna allowed and encouraged me to bring my drum kit to the dealership to make sure I could fit everything I needed was also pretty great. Being a weekend musician, if I couldn't fit my instrument, it wouldn't matter how much I liked the car, it would have to be onto something else. But to my amazement, I fit my full five piece rock drum kit, hardware case, pedals, cymbals and seat, and still had some room to spare. Huzzah!

Then the moment of truth... Actually buying the car. This is where even the slickest of salespeople can change on a dime. Go super low on your trade in value, or add on to the sticker price with hidden fees and playing 15 rounds of "let me see what I can do". Once again I was amazed at what happened. Donna worked with me to get a fair price on my 2006 Hummer H3 trade in that benefited both of us. And there was no need to "make a deal", what I saw was what I got. And the price alone was already more than fair. No need to insult each other with offers of varying degrees of "no way". We hashed out a rough price, I came in two days later, and left with the car I've always loved and a smile on my face. I left with a new car, a new life long dealership, and I'd like to think, a new friend.

It takes me less than half a second to recommend Donna and MINI of Warick.

Proud new member of the MINI family,