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Latest Maybach Dealer Reviews

Mercedes-Benz of Houston Greenway - Houston, TX

On 1/25/2016 6:46:05 PM wrote:
You would think that being a high end Mercedes dealership there would be some honest professionalism here and I quickly found out there wasnt ANY to be found except shady sales tactics, terrible upper management, and a car with a sketchy background.

I purchased a 2004 S500 Mercedes off the lot. My sales guy was Brent Hathorn and he was anxious to sell this car quickly and that should have been the first red flag. Keep in mind this was an older car which normally goes to auction so it was unusual to have it out on the lot. He explained it had low miles and this is why an exception was made. It was a "trade in" that had recently come in. He assured me that it was a clean vehicle with nothing unusual in its history. His boss, Dennis Fredricks also chimed in that afternoon that all these cars go through an extensive service and inspection.

I closed the deal and bought the vehicle at full asking price. Make a long story short, I started having issues with the car from the first week. Turns out this car has bad valve blocks which control the air shocks so the car started drooping. I was very annoyed but decided to put money into the car since from the exterior and interior it was in good shape. In the subsequent months I had to put more money to different issues to the point I decided to just sell it back to another dealer.

Come to find out that the car that supposedly had a CLEAN history had been auctioned off in 2008 with C pillar unibody damage. This essentially made the car worth HALF as much as I had paid for it. So after 400 miles and 4 months there was no way I was going to let this stand. I went back to the dealership to try to work something out and have them buy the car back as I NEVER would have purchased this car knowing its history. I am sure they never would have tried to sell it either so it was rather shady how they tried to sell it quick instead of sending it to auction. Long story short, my sales guy Brent passed the buck along to management. I could never get a return call back in two weeks. Finally, the supposed guy in charge Mac Albukhari called me up and told me that the car was worth $6K to him if I wanted to sell it back and if not they could work something out on a trade for another car on their dealership!!! He was hiding behind the paperwork and the "as is" typical defense instead of working out something out with the customer. He was not interested in good business practices and instead of admitting that the dealership had erred in doing their due diligence in accepting their trade in he threw it back on my lap. UNACCEPTABLE behavior from him and the dealerships part. When I saw that our conversation was going nowhere I asked for the regional directors contact info (Autonation) or a legal address to escalate it and he just hung up.

I am currently considering legal action against the dealership for this transaction as well as notifying all three TV news stations so they can assist. If you want a clean deal and to be treated like a valued customer and deal with professional people that know what they are doing stay away from Greenway Mercedes. The only difference between them and a shady car lot that finances everyone with lemons automobiles is the physical address because they are one and the same!!!!

Mercedes-Benz of Houston Greenway - Houston, TX

On 1/10/2016 5:23:35 PM wrote:
My wife and I had a car totaled and were in search of a new vehicle. We had been to a few dealerships and had been looking online. Im very glad we ended up where we did! We got a great deal on a beautiful 2014 C250! The staff was excellent and made sure my wife and I were taken care of. If you go ask for either Lee or Seyed!