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Honolulu Ford Lincoln
1052 Houghtailing Street
Honolulu, HI 96817
(808) 532-1700
Honolulu Ford Lincoln Reviews

Valley Isle Motors
221 Puunene Ave
Kahului, HI 96732
(800) 269-7999
Valley Isle Motors Reviews

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Honolulu Ford Lincoln - Honolulu, HI

On 8/11/2014 10:22:14 PM Doritamo wrote:
Yes I'm a grandma and visiting family in Hawaii often. I needed a car to get around and wanted my dream car Mustang convertible. Jeff at Honolulu Ford Lincoln helped me find exactly the right one. He and Mark negotiated to get me exactly the price I needed to pay. The lovely people in the insurance office were so pleasant to work with. The staff was so friendly and hospitable. But the best part is I drove away with the car of my dreams!! I highly recommend Honolulu Ford Lincoln!!!

Honolulu Ford Lincoln - Honolulu, HI

On 8/4/2014 11:01:09 PM frank.godek wrote:
I have been to Honolulu Ford twice now: once for an event that supported the local Boy Scout Council and once to buy a car. Both experiences were fantastic and I would recommend Honolulu Ford to anyone looking to purchase a car.

The first time I came to Honolulu Ford, a lady I knew from Scouting asked me to come down the next day to help her run a fundraising event that would be taking place there. The dealership was running an event in which the Scout council would earn $40 for everyone that came down to check out and/or test drive some of the new model Lincolns they had. My friend asked for my help and also asked me to tell all my friends about it. I agreed to help her but was very hesitant about asking friends to come down. I have had some horrendous experiences with car dealerships in the past and likened going to one to be like going in for a root canal. Definitely not my idea of fun. Boy was I wrong! The event was great because the people were great. We got to check out some cars, they fed us, and, most of all, they made it fun. There was absolutely no pressure to buy anything. In fact, other than in the survey I filled out, I don't think I was even asked if I was interested in buying anything! I apologized to the friend who had asked me to come down because I didn't invite people to come and check it out. I really should have. I should point out, too, that I have not been "spammed" either in email or snail mail since the event. Honolulu Ford has been completely courteous.

With that great experience behind me, I decided to look to Honolulu Ford to purchase a car for my daughter to use. She had been driving a 2012 Ford Focus in Colorado and had really liked it. We decided to look at Focus models that were available over here. I was thinking of buying used but had already discussed the possibility of buying new. Truthfully, I wasn't really happy with the used Focus inventory at Honolulu Ford or at Cutter Ford but I did find one that looked promising at Honolulu Ford. I began working online with a salesperson named Shawn Aiona. He was great to work with. He provided me with the information that I needed in a timely manner and was very professional.

When we went to the dealership, Shawn was working with another customer. While we waited another salesperson, Andrew came over and helped me to keep my kids entertained. In particular, I he overheard me mentioning some of the features of the really cool Lincolns that I had seen for the Scouting event. He asked the kids if they wanted to check them out and we all went out to a Lincoln and played with all the nifty features. The kids loved things like the built-in seat coolers and the voice-controlled radio. My daughter that wanted a Focus was definitely sold on a Lincoln! I told her that the Lincoln cost about 2 and half times what the Focus did and, of course, she tried to convince me that she was worth it. Nice try!

What was really nice was that Mark Benson, the owner and his wife, Mary were around and actually spent time with us. It was good to get to know them. What impressed me was that Mary spent time with all the kids that were there with the parents. Whether people were there purchasing vehicles or for service, she talked to the kids, took them over to get cookies or candy if their parents allowed it, and even took some little girls to feed a kitten that the dealership had kind of adopted. I know it made the day a better one for the kids and that certainly made it a better one for me.

When Shawn was available we took a look at both the used Focus I had found online and a new Focus. I eventually decided on the new Focus because of the price (with the incentives that Ford Motor Company is running it made it really worthwhile), the warranty and the features. There was no pressure either way and everything went very smoothly.

Car buying can definitely take some time. In this, Honolulu Ford was no exception but they certainly made the time spent, pleasant. I was very pleased with all aspects of making a purchase from Honolulu Ford. I felt that I was treated well, that my kids were treated well and that I got a great deal. I strongly recommend Honolulu Ford to anyone looking to purchase a car.