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Honolulu Ford Lincoln
1052 Houghtailing Street
Honolulu, HI 96817
(808) 532-1700
Honolulu Ford Lincoln Reviews

Valley Isle Motors
221 Puunene Ave
Kahului, HI 96732
(800) 269-7999
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Honolulu Ford Lincoln - Honolulu, HI

On 1/27/2015 11:02:56 PM midasboxer@aol.com wrote:
I have been a Ford family member since March 2013. I have had a few bumps in the road with the service, however, once I realized that I needed to make my intentions clear and concise my experience was nothing short of superior performance. The Service Manager and Assistant Manager both positively communicated with me that they have heard my concerns and would do all they could to resolve them. I can say they did just that!!! In addition to the excellent customer service they have always provided me; the service to my vehicle was the crown molding. I feared a warranty related issue would be pushed to a secondary issue, but once I expressed that to them, they were quick to respond and assure me that wouldn't happen. Thank you and let all those who read this know they bring great credit upon themselves for truly and altruistically caring for their Ford family members!!!

Honolulu Ford Lincoln - Honolulu, HI

On 12/12/2014 7:57:48 AM midasboxer@aol.com wrote:
I purchased a 2013 Taurus in May 2013. I was extremely happy with the dealer and I was very appreciative of the customer service. I have taken my vehicle to Honolulu Ford since for oil changes and had no issues. As a matter of fact, the service department did a great and expeditious job. HOWEVER, since then I have had multiple questions and service related issues that have not been resolved. Beginning in Fall 2013 I had questions about why water would remain in the door after it rain. It would remain there for almost a day after my car was in the rain. I would have to lift the rubber stopper on the bottom of the door to allow the rain water to leave the door. I presented this and I was told that is an engineering process and that is what it is suppose to do. I still disagree! My battery's positive node has leaked acid and corrosion has occurred, three times!!! The first time this occurred I was told I had to leave my vehicle there all day and a shuttle would take me to and from work. I am active duty and work on Marine Corps Base in Hawaii in Kaneohe. This is the other side of the island. I took my vehicle the first time at their start of business at 0630. Well, the shuttle service don't take customers to Kaneohe until 0830. I start work at 0630. They would pick me up at 1330, because it is so far (15 miles from the service department). I spoke with Sam, the service manager, and discussed my situation the next time I had an oil change and stated that warranty parts and service are only done Monday through Friday between 0630 to 1630. I tried to be understanding, but I lose hours at work. That is the lighter of my issue. I have had the following issues; the inside door handle wouldn't work so I presented it to Honolulu Ford. The service department look at it and stated they would order the part. Long story short never received, I spoke with Sam after multiple calls and he ordered the part. It again never arrived so I again spoke with Sam and he had the part removed from a vehicle on stock. I have had this plastic cover over the driver side seat loose for 6 months. The part was ordered in July, I had to leave the island due to a sudden loss in my family I wasn't able to make an appointment when the part arrived. In October I made another appointment and was seen on Labor Day, thank goodness I didn't to take off work because it was a federal holiday. I had to call at 1530 because I never heard anything and they then told me that my car wasn't ready. BTW I presented the following issues: the keyless entry code for my vehicle wasn't working. I was locked out 45 miles (2 hours) from my secondary key so I mentioned it then. The manufacture primary code should ALWAYS work and can't be changed; but it wasn't working. I have been hearing this sound come from what appears to be my passenger front wheel whenever I turn the wheel and go up or down hills. Well, at 1530 I was picked up by the shuttle and taken to Enterprise, but wasn't apprised of my vehicle's status. I was called the next day and found out that my vehicle was ready for pickup. NOTHING was done, the plastic part wasn't replaced; and this time I find out two of the four buttons for seat control don't work now! The keyless entry wasn't resolved, and I was told the Certified Ford Technician hear nothing...I find that hard to believe when as I left I heard the sound, there is an bump when leaving the parking lot that will almost always bottom out the vehicle and I heard it again. I was told that a warranty part, mentioned for areas where sodium hypochlorite (street salt) needed a lighting part replaced due to a recall. Thank goodness that was taken care of especially since street salt is used for ice on the roads, btw there is never ice on the roads on Oahu! Yesterday, Wednesday December 10th I took my vehicle in because the plastic part had finally arrived. Sam was my advisor this time. I mentioned the two buttons that don't work and that I have seen this spot in my driver's side door mirror. He said that since my mirror has fluid inside in order to tint direct sunlight, it was an easy fix. I then asked if it would be possible to have an oil change since my vehicle's oil was at 20% life remaining. I then waited 2 hours to get to work, Kaneohe. I had a busy day and wasn't able to respond to Ford's initial calls, but the shuttle needed to pick me up to take me to Enterprise. My office is in Kaneohe, but my job requires me to drive all around the island as needed, yesterday was one of those days. He waited patiently to pick me up from work at 1600. I am very, very appreciative of that!!! I then go to Enterprise to pick up my rental. I can't complain too much there, but I do own a full-size sedan and Ford only pays for me to be in a compact car. There isn't even access for me to charge my cell phone. My biggest reason for buying the Taurus was because of SYNC, I used my phone all the time which I can't in a Nissan Versa. I leave a voicemail with customer service to check on the status of my vehicle at 1730 and asked to follow up in the morning. I truly didn't understand why I had a rental. I left a voicemail this morning at 0830, I didn't hear back from Sam until 1300. His voicemail only stated my vehicle was ready. Personally, I really like my vehicle and I don't want another crappy rental. I barely get to Ford at 1730 to pick up my vehicle. Sam is still there, I now know he works just as much as I do. He tells me that the part ordered for my seat wasn't able to be found My head dropped!!! I then asked what has been resolved, outside of the oil change. I knew they must have done that, they never messed that up before. He tells me yes, the door was fixed. WTF, I asked what he is talking about. He looks at my paperwork and he is lost for words. He has no clue why the door was even touch, I am glad he was able to be empathetic at this point. To recap...NOTHING, NOTHING, NOTHING is corrected; however, Honolulu Ford proceeded to tear open my car door and can't tell me why. There has to be something these guys can do right. I just don't understand. I have spent greater than 18 hours at Honolulu Ford this past year...their Customer Service Manger and Service Manager knows me by face because they see me so often. I have had three rentals and everything they say they do they don't. I have paid for my warranty, but who pays Ford? Honestly, they have wasted my time, they have wasted their time even taking my vehicle and giving me lip service, they made me feel like a piece of shit. I don't like profanity, but I am taken back by their incompetence and the lack of care they truly have for their warranty customers. If this is how I am treated as a Ford family member, I would hate to be a stranger to the family.
Lastly, my name is Andrew Holeman and you guys have my number. I expect a call from Ford anytime they choose to resolve my vehicle's issues and my dissatisfaction. I still expect to find out why the technician tore open my door! I have no reason not to say this at Ford, however, it is 1946 and you guys were headed home. I figure I can call tomorrow or even stop by, but I am going to be just as frustrated and angry as I am now; but I truly don't believe you guys are even going to take care of my car when you promised you would and I paid for a warranty that guaranteed that as well.