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Honolulu Ford
1370 N King St
Honolulu, HI 96817
(808) 824-3981
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Honolulu Ford - Honolulu, HI

On 12/1/2016 2:09:11 AM mjmboogie@yahoo.com wrote:
Mr. Rhett Van Fossen is the constant professional. He put together a deal I should not have walked away from. After a few hours to clear my head and grab some lunch. I contacted Rhett to go over the offer he had so diligently put together. I have no complaints. My apologies for being that pain in the rear customer. The staff at Honolulu Ford has always treated me with respect, and uphold a high standard that should be the envy of most businesses. Thank you to Mark Benson for taking the time out is his busy day to say hello. To Brian, Lisa, and Helen, thank you for being the professionals that you are.

Honolulu Ford - Honolulu, HI

On 10/27/2016 7:33:14 PM geraldpascual@outlook.com wrote:
I recently purchased the White F-150 Lariat with 6in lift that was on the display ramp at the entrance gate. Absolutely love the truck! We noticed the tow hooks/loops at the front already has rust and has caused the chrome to bubble and peel. We are a little disappointed with that; especially for a new $80k truck. But we've already emailed Ben separately regarding Ford needing to replace these. Aside from that, our family and business have been buying vehicles from Dr. Ben since the late 60's when his hairdo was fluffier. I believe we are easily in the 40's as far as amount of cars or trucks bought for family or our relatives. This doesn't include the many additional trucks purchased for industrial use for the sugar company (under my later father) or for our family construction business (by me & my wife). Dearly called Tito Ben (Uncle Ben), we never feel the need to discuss price or negotiate ever. Most of the time we talk about the car then eachother's family, then about 45 seconds on the price offer and that's it. Its done. Mark Benson also came out to greet and congratulate us for once again purchasing a truck; also mentioning he'd like to put my wife in a future commercial with the truck that was sold. If he's serious (I think he was), we are willing to help. Just let us know when.
Ben is a doctor of sales because he doesn't sell the product; rather he sells trustworthiness in himself. That's why we are loyal. I knew more about the truck features than Ben did which was so funny and, thanks to him, we know a new saying..."RTFM". We buy people, not products. For my family, Ben was "bought" many years ago, before I was born. His unwavering efficiency, honesty and trustworthiness is why he will always be Tito Ben in our family.
Thank you Ben and Mark for another enjoyable experience. Now get my wife on that commercial and replace our tow loops please. Aloha, The Pascuals'