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Honolulu Ford
1052 Houghtailing Street
Honolulu, HI 96817
(808) 532-1700
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Honolulu Ford - Honolulu, HI

On 11/26/2015 4:28:14 AM rfgumboc@yahoo.com wrote:
Mahalo nui loa to Paul of the Parts Dept. for getting me the part for my 2008 Explorer. He was so cheerful on the phone telling me the was not in stock in their shop, but made effort to find one in the island. He chherfully called me an hour later that he had the part in his hand. I went to pay for it. I was not able to thank him in person because he was in meeting. The personnel at the Parts Dept did not appear friendly, not smiling. At first I was told to wait for Paul until he comes from his meeting. I had to explain that I had just talked to Paul who told me he had the part ih his hand. I asked for a discount in the name of Ben Cabalo who is always helpful. I was told with a very strong language "Ben Cabalo discount is a Ben Cabalo..."
This is the 2nd time I have to buy this part. I think the Service People were not properly placing the part.

Honolulu Ford - Honolulu, HI

On 11/23/2015 3:58:39 PM larry.a.johnson1@gmail.com wrote:
Over the years I have purchased many cars. And more often than not, I have not enjoyed those ‘experiences’. Too much back and forth chatter and arm twisting for add-ons I did not want or need. That said, my most recent experience with Honolulu Ford, and specifically Mr. Robert (Rob) Brantley, was in a word, painless. I spoke with Rob for 20 minutes, he showed me what I wanted to see, and I left the dealership for a dinner engagement. As promised, later that same night Rob sent me the numbers - full disclosure; nothing hidden. We completed the paperwork the next day and I drove the car home. Easiest car buying experience I have ever had. Because of this experience, Honolulu Ford will be at the top of my next new car buy list.