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Jerry Seiner Buick Pontiac GMC Hummer
10487 S Jordan Gateway
South Jordan, UT 84095
(877) 832-3381
Jerry Seiner Buick Pontiac GMC Hummer Reviews

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Jerry Seiner Buick Pontiac GMC Hummer - South Jordan, UT

On 10/17/2013 5:11:01 PM swd6 wrote:
Took my GMC in to have the "Check Air Bag" light looked at. I made an appointment so that we wouldn't have to sit and wait in line. I was told when I made the appoinment that it may be a recall issue. The technician didn't even start looking at the car until 1:35 after I dropped it off according to the service ticket they gave me. When I called to get updates I was sent to the service associates voicemail and the message I left was never returned. When I returned to the shop I was told that they found an issue and went ahead and repaired it and now I owed them $50. The repair took 2 minutes according to the service ticket they gave me. It seems odd to tell a customer that they may have a recall issue, instead find another problem and then fix it and then charge a customer before getting thier authorization to do so. When I expalined this the service staff I was told "There is nothing I can do" Poor, poor service.

Jerry Seiner Buick Pontiac GMC Hummer - South Jordan, UT

On 6/20/2012 12:23:17 PM TCW wrote:
These guys had the car I wanted with low miles and a good price and I was ready to buy it. The salesman says "here fill this info out we wont run your credit we just need you to fill this out it is standard procedure". So I did and we were going back and forth with him and the manager about price negotiation and then he accidentally handed me my credit report. I was furious! He told me he would not run my credit unless we agreed on the sale which we had not! Of course I am aware that my credit needs to be ran *IF* I am buying the car. So hopefully this review will help people know before they go in not to fill out your "customer info" sheet. I left the salesmans name off of my review because I don't want to hurt anyone's way of making a living. Just don't give them your info or don't buy from them.