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Latest Porsche Dealer Reviews

Porsche of Tysons Corner - Vienna, VA

On 4/23/2014 8:13:06 AM wsylvest wrote:
Fifteen years ago I started looking at Porsche, after visiting several dealerships and getting the typical "attitude" I stopped at Porsche of Tyson's. I was connected with Pat Driscoll, who was down to earth and a straight shooter. He had the product knowledge and practical experience to put me in the right car for me. Since that time I have bought a total of six cars from Pat.

Still today, Pat remains the only car sales guy worth working with. Having owned other premium car brands over the years, I have given up on the most of the others as the car buying experience with them is just untenable. When I am in the market for a new car, I reach out to Pat and tell him what I am thinking. Pat always brings to the table the right recommendations. Too often sales guys want to sell you something they have on the lot, with other places they refused to find the inventory and the car I wanted, instead offering reasons why I don't want the car I came to buy. Pat has always been exceptional at finding the right car, even if they don't have it on the lot.

Always great to work with, the process from reviewing inventory, test drive, finance, and getting out the door is always pleasant. Each time I buy a car, I review my options and typically visit a few dealerships, ask around with friends, and then end up calling Pat. In this most recent time, we rented another car and drove it on a two thousand mile road trip. We came home and three days later my wife said, why don't you call Pat. We had put 160k miles on our Cayenne S and had been looking for about six months at what we wanted to replace it with. Once again, Pat and Porsche of Tyson's delivered. The finance department was pleasant and efficient. In my early twenties, I bought my first BMW and I offered the finance guy an option at my loan, he referenced that "mommy and daddy" would have to co-sign (not cool). At the time I already had my own financing and was buying the car myself. I have never been treated that way by Pat, anyone in finance, service, or other employee at Porsche of Tyson's. They expect to provide exceptional service and they deliver.

We tend to drive a lot, 20-30k miles per year, we typically buy new, and keep the cars for 150-200k miles. Porsche is a staple in our garage not because it's a Porsche (sure that's cool), but because the cars are fun to drive, practical, and they last. Sure you get occasional annoyances (like with any car). But dollar for dollar, the experience of owning a Porsche has always been the right one for our family.

This all starts with Pat Driscoll, who is an exceptional person who happens to be a great sales guy that I will continue to buy cars from anytime I am in the market.

Walter's Porsche - Riverside, CA

On 4/23/2014 2:46:07 AM minglin2006 wrote:
I wanted to buy a Porsche and I am so glad I went to Walter's Porsche and find the car that I like. This is one of my best new car buying experience I ever had.

Pete Laban, the sales manager, is highly professional and very aggressive in pricing.

John Beech, who helped me with Test driving, showed me lot of my car function. He also helpped me with the the details of contract related work and helpped with insurance. He is very professional, energetic, patient, very friendly. I rented a car from Enterprise - Rent - Car in LAX and drove the renter car to buy my Porsche. He make several calls. In the end , I did not need to return the car to LAX. All I did is dropped the car in Walter's Porsche. He helped me to return the car to one of the closest Enterprise rent car office afterwards. It was Easter Holiday next day. It must be not easy to do that and I really appreciated his work!

Andy Bartoli, Finance Manager. he helpped with my car loan and service. He is also very professional. It was really late by the time he helpped me with the loan and introduction of services they offer. I did not take any service package. He did not show any unhappiness that I didn't buy in the end.

In a word, Walter's Porsche had a great team! I highly recommened this dealer.

Ming Lin