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Valley Imports
402 40th St S
Fargo , ND 58103
(888) 858-7814
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Valley Imports - Fargo , ND

On 6/15/2016 9:15:37 AM wrote:
Isamar was very enthusiastic and helpful with our search. He indeed was instrumental in us choosing GL550. He was very prompt in replying to our messages and answering our questions, and was not hesitant to involve his supervisor when he was not sure. The staff were very receptive and we did test drive 3-4 cars. they even were helpful in watching our puppy when we went for a test drive. As Valley imports did not have the car with our specifications, they looked at cars from other dealers. When we ourselves found a better deal, they were happy for us and helped verify that the car indeed had what we were looking for.

Great team and we would definitely continue our relationship with Vally imports.

Valley Imports - Fargo , ND

On 5/26/2016 12:18:34 PM wrote:
I would love to keep this short and sweet, but it wouldn’t do justice to the amazing service I received from Nic, Armin and the team at Valley. I bought a car from Nic about 6 months ago. I quickly realized that it wasn’t what I was looking for. After months of debating I finally decided to start looking again. I wanted to go back to Valley right away because of the amazing service I had received before, but their used inventory didn’t match my criteria I looked elsewhere. That was a big mistake! After dealing with sales people that didn’t listen to me and just not finding what I was needing, I pretty much gave up. I decided to try Valley one more time. When I got there Nic was busy with another customer so Joseph helped me out. Joseph was great and also fun to work with. He also appreciated my driving skills, so A+ in my book. He even told me that if they don’t have a car I’m looking for they can actually work to get it. I wish I had known that earlier because I wouldn’t have wasted so much time looking elsewhere. At the end of the day Nic and Armin actually stayed late to get the paperwork completed and get my trade done. I really appreciated that as I didn’t want to have to come back the next day. I just wanted to enjoy my new car! A+++ in my book! Side note: it was nice to see the calculator I had requested in my previous review for Nic was there, because it sure came in handy! Just as I was leaving we realized that one of my taillights was burned out, but because the service center was already closed for the night I would have to come back. But I didn’t!! Because Nic actually picked up my car, got the light fixed, and brought it back to me all while I was at work. Truly goes to show that even after the sale the service is 5 stars!!! While I hope that I don’t have to buy another car for a long time, I will definitely make Valley my first stop next time and I will tell others to look there as well! Now if only they had Apple watches to make all that mandatory texting they have to do between departments easier and would make for quicker customer service!