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CF Schwartz Motor
1536 N Dupont Hwy
Dover, DE 19903
(800) 441-8022
CF Schwartz Motor Reviews

Hertrich Toyota Scion
1367 Bay Rd
Milford, DE 19963
(888) 860-2415
Hertrich Toyota Scion Reviews

Newark Toyota World
230 E Cleveland Ave
Newark, DE 19711
(888) 237-8434
Newark Toyota World Reviews

Price Toyota
168 N Dupont Hwy
New Castle, DE 19720
(302) 322-8600
Price Toyota Reviews

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Price Toyota - New Castle, DE

On 9/26/2014 11:57:10 AM bernie.lederer wrote:
Let me start by saying Jay Brown is the man if you do buy a car from Price. My ratings have nothing to do with him. If he would go to another dealer... I would follow him. I think change is always inevitable, however, you hope for the better not the worst. My wife and I have purchased 8 vehicles from Price since 2000. Jay has actually sold me most, and Stoney who is no longer there has always been a champion to us. This last car we purchased however will be our last from Price. Where we used to go and feel like we mattered, especially with the number of cars we've purchased from them, and the business we sent to them (even our own family members)... I now walk away with that typical sleezy car dealer mentality I have been able to avoid for 14 years. I will not go into layered detail, but I will state that our family, and those we talk to about car purchasing, Price will never be an option again. We are done.

To Jay, Good Luck, to Stoney hope you are doing well... To Hahn and the rest of the management and new owners of Price... we will not bother you again with a purchase from your dealership.

Bernie Lederer

Price Toyota - New Castle, DE

On 9/25/2014 11:53:50 AM chavers wrote:
In 2010 I had my Tundra go in for a frame recall. All was well during the 8 months they had my truck. Since Toyota decided to replace the frame and do nearly $12k of warranty work on my truck I also gave them my timing belt and water pump to do at 112k. When I finally did get my truck back and asked for the parts they could not produce them but assured me the work had been completed. At 138K I was driving to work on 95N and my truck simply lost power. I had it towed to a local mechanic who keeps me in oil changes and other repairs as needed and he verified the timing belt and water pump were actually never replaced. I then called Price and they said to tow it to them. They looked at it and a week later called me back to say "Your truck was overheated (It was not) and the warranty on our repair is 1 year / 12,000 miles. I then called Toyota corporate. They opened a case for me, Toyota Customer Experience Center Case #1409190278 and said I would get a call back from Price Toyota's Customer relations manager within two business days. I called back Corporate today four business days later still waiting on a call from Price's CSR. He said he would connect me. He never connected me. Instead he (Seon) came back on the phone and informed me that Price isn't going to do a thing. Well I certainly am as I just asked my attorney to file for a smalls claims case against Price Toyota for not completing the original work as requested. The evidence will show this to be true. Moral: Always get your parts back from a major service and when you don't question them at the time of pick up rather than allowing it. I sure hope Price Toyota learns a lesson from this horrible customer experience resulting in a law suit on them.

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