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Balise Toyota Scion of Warwick
1400 Post Road
Warwick, RI 02888
(401) 352-5911
Balise Toyota Scion of Warwick Reviews

Bristol Toyota Scion
706 Metacom Avenue
Bristol, RI 02809
(401) 253-2100
Bristol Toyota Scion Reviews

Colonial Toyota
550 George Washington Highway
Smithfield, RI 02917
(401) 723-0972
Colonial Toyota Reviews

Fox Toyota
415 Taunton Ave
East Providence, RI 02914
(401) 438-0350
Fox Toyota Reviews

Premier Toyota Scion of Newport
285 East Main Road
Middletown, RI 02842
(401) 847-1144
Premier Toyota Scion of Newport Reviews

Tarbox Toyota
3671 Quaker Lane
North Kingstown, RI 02852
(401) 884-5438
Tarbox Toyota Reviews

Valenti Toyota Scion
4 Langworthy Rd.
Westerly, RI 02891
(401) 322-7200
Valenti Toyota Scion Reviews

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Balise Toyota Scion of Warwick - Warwick, RI

On 11/22/2014 10:44:37 AM melvie wrote:
If you're reading this, you might as well visit Balise, talk to a sales guy, and look around. It's not going to be a waste of your time. You will get something done. They're not going to jerk you around or pull any fast ones. They're very good at what they do, which in my experience involves bending over backwards to sell you one of their cars. Harry is particularly good and the reason I now have a car. Flanking him are Travis (disarmingly friendly giant), Alfredo (finance wizard), Brian (laser-guided insurance salesman), and Rene (helpful delivery guy). Watch out for Sean. He is a semi-automatic deal closer and can easily knock down prices so low that you'll be tempted to buy a car on the spot.

On to the details:

I needed a used car. Toyota, Hyundai, or Honda.

Day 1:
I visited a few car dealer websites and browsed the Kelley Blue Book site, and Balise consistently had some of the lowest prices in my area. It was a huge, shiny building right off Rt 37. I was approached by Harry, who sat me down and discussed my price range, what I was looking for, and what my lifestyle is like. Within minutes he lined up two Corollas and a Ford Fusion, all precisely within my price range and in great condition. I mean, I didn't even know I would want the Fusion, but Harry educated me on how surprisingly competitive they are, and later research agreed with him. I decided to shop around to be safe. Before I left, Travis was eager to meet me and discuss which cars I was interested in, why I liked them, and asked Harry to look into any similar cars they had in case I wasn't satisfied. I got a call the next day from the dealership asking if everything was okay, if I liked what I saw, and if I had any questions? Yes, yes, no.

Day 2:
I revisited and took the Corolla for another test drive, which Harry was happy to do. Sean was confused: if I liked the car, and it was within my price range, and I had the money down, what was holding me back on a deal? He knocked the monthly payments down by $50 on the spot. It was a haymaker blow, and I was bamboozled. Somehow I remembered I wanted to get the car inspected before buying it. Harry popped the trunk so my car-savvy friend and I could take a look, and we couldn't find a damned thing wrong with it. I was a little wary: why was this car, having only 92k miles on it, in such good condition at such a low price? So I insisted on taking it to the Firestone down the street. Harry's boss, Erick, didn't flinch. So we made an appointment for the next day.

Day 3:
Traffic on 95-N plus freak monsoon-level downpour made me late to the dealership. I offered to give Harry a ride back to the dealership while I waited for inspection, but Erick said it was fine for me to go alone and tossed me the keys. Color me impressed. That was a good move. Unfortunately it was too late, because Firestone was full of appointments that evening. I made one for the next evening and Harry straight-up offered to drop the car off at Firestone while I was at work so it was inspected by the time I left work. I didn't even have to ask. I didn't know this level of customer service was legally permissible.

Day 4:
The mechanic said everything was clean and was giving me a look like "Why haven't you bought this car yet guy?" The only problem was a nail in one of the tires, which made Harry visibly leap forward and promise to repair free of charge. So Harry and I went back to the dealership to talk business. All in all, it was pretty quick. I was lowballing the entire time and they kept matching my offers. Alfredo ran the numbers for me, walked me through all the legal stuff and warranties they offered, and used a few tricks to get me a full extended warranty, paint protection, GAP coverage, and a finance plan, the full package totaling $7 above what I was willing to pay. I don't know how he managed this, and I don't want to know because it probably involves goat blood and chanting, but I revisited my budget and determined that eating two less Big Macs per month than usual was a reasonable sacrifice so that was that. Alfredo is a very patient and straightforward numbers guy. He answered every question I had without making me feel like an idiot and he didn't try to confuse me with marketing speak. Everything was clearly and concisely explained. I knew exactly what I was getting into, and I knew I had options, and what they were, and what each one entailed. Thanks Alfredo. Oh wait, I didn't have full insurance coverage. It was getting late. I couldn't drive the car, but I owned it. Harry said no problem, they have staff for this.

Day 5:
This is where Brian comes in. I can count on one hand the number of professionals I've met in my life who can match his level of competence and fervor. Brain spent two days and numerous phone calls trying to deal with All State to lower my rates somewhere below "outrageous and borderline personally offensive." I sat in on a call with him and the guy presented his case like a lawyer, at one point cowing a cocky All State agent into a stunned, meek silence that lasted about three minutes. Brian pulled out all stops, did the research, went the extra mile, and explored every avenue he could think of, but All State, like a smug chicken on a foul egg, refused to budge. They were demanding a deposit that was literally more expensive than the car I just bought, and their monthly payments were twice that of the car itself. Faced with giving up the car or being late on rent this month, I was forced to find another insurance company. Brian's talents are wasted. He is a highly sophisticated tactical insurance delivery mechanism being operated by the dumb 700lb chimpanzee that is All State. I have never had a sales person advocate for my interests before. But really, this is just par for the course at Balise. They're lucky to have nearly everyone there.

Day 6:
Rene showed me how to use the car. He had a very Alfred manner, which made me feel kinda like Batman. So when I pulled out of the dealership that day and Rene and Harry were waving me goodbye, I felt slightly more ready to take on the world.

Long story short, Harry and the Balise team managed to sell me a car while making me feel like I had somehow gotten away with something. As far as Harry goes, don't settle for reading about him. Go and meet him if you're looking to buy a car.

Balise Toyota Scion of Warwick - Warwick, RI

On 11/17/2014 7:00:10 PM jsn676 wrote:
Polite and no bull**** car buying experience. Very nice job going thru new car gadgets. Salesmen was honest, and friendly. I would return to buy another vehicle.