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EuroMotorcars Devon
214 West Lancaster Avenue
Devon, PA 19333
(866) 673-8955
EuroMotorcars Devon Reviews

smart Center Devon
214 Lancaster Avenue
Devon, PA 19333
(610) 848-7627
smart Center Devon Reviews

smart Center Pittsburgh
4709 Baum Boulevard
Pittsburgh, PA 15213
(412) 688-7000
smart Center Pittsburgh Reviews

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EuroMotorcars Devon - Devon, PA

On 9/9/2014 4:16:21 PM camaro69 wrote:
Even though we didn't buy a car from them, Tom Dougherty went above a beyond trying to meet our needs and was very responsive in getting back to me on nights and weekends. He's truly someone who cares and while I realize his ultimate goal is to sell cars, he showed care and concern during the whole process.

I would highly recommend Tom for those looking to buy a MB.

EuroMotorcars Devon - Devon, PA

On 9/8/2014 10:55:36 AM D77 wrote:
I dropped off my S500 over the Labor Day weekend for diagnostics related to suspension problem that I purchased from an out of state dealer 10 days prior. A few days later got a phone call with the estimated cost and the person was very courteous and professional.
After understanding the problem, I wanted to explore other options including sending the car back to the dealer I bought the car from 10 days prior to this. I called to pick-up the car and when I got home, I noticed the car was hit (minor bent) near the front wheel where the car gets connected and elevated on the lift. I called the dealer and they start denying and asking me to prove that the car was damaged while at Mercedes lot. I sent them pictures and very important: The car has grease fingerprints right above the damaged area. Euro Motorcars Devon continues to deny and take any responsibility.

I sked the person (nameless at this point) to check again with technicians and review the cameras. He promised to check again and will let me know. I hope they will do good and take the responsibility. If they do will change the rating proving it is worth sending our expensive cars to be serviced by them. Let’s see what happens. I remain optimistic. BTW… they did not charge me for the estimate.