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smart center Richmond
8225 West Broad Street
Richmond, VA 23294
(804) 755-9200
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smart center Tysons Corner
8545 Leesburg Pike
Vienna, VA 22182
(703) 564-6330
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Tysinger Motor Company
2712 Magruder Blvd
Hampton, VA 23666
(757) 865-8000
Tysinger Motor Company Reviews

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Tysinger Motor Company - Hampton, VA

On 8/22/2016 9:15:01 PM wrote:
My 38 year professional career has spanned multiple industries and roles. Business integrity and the customer experience have been my among my core beliefs, I seldom see enough of them in practice anymore. Once in a while we have an opportunity to experience a purchase transaction in a way that is actually enjoyable, and even amazing! Our experience with Salwah, Miles, and Corey embody the values and mission of this dealership. They get it!

This past June, my wife and I were out on a Saturday looking for a pre-owned luxury SUV. We looked at a few BMW X5s and a MB ML350 in Virginia Beach, and were about to hang it up for the day, as the whole dealership purchase drill usually isn't fun. I happened to see an Internet listing for a very nice pre-owned ML-350 on Tysinger's website, and decided to call before heading home. The receptionist was friendly, (Touchpoint (TP)#1) and I was immediately put through to Salwah (Sally). In her friendly and enthusiastic manner, she asked how she could help. (TP#2) Salwah told me about the vehicle, and suggested that we head over. It was early afternoon, and we were tired, but Salwah's mannerism convinced me that this was worth the trip across the HRBT on a Saturday afternoon. We told her we were headed her way, and started the trip. The HRBT was backed up, and worried that the vehicle might be sold before we could get there, I called and asked Salwah if there was any way she could hold it, or at least give us first right, if someone else arrived first. I was surprised to hear, "I've already done this for you, Mr. Waddell. It's pulled up on the ramp waiting for you. Just drive safely." (TP #3). Wow, we thought, Salwah is awesome!

We arrived, and Salwah greeted us warmly. She thanked us for coming, and offered us refreshments, before even mentioning the vehicle. It was like arriving at a friend's house. (TP#4) The ML was very nice, and as an Internet wholesale-to-the-public vehicle, had a few minor cosmetic things. We went for a test drive, while Salwah answered our questions, and kept the conversation rolling. She explained that the vehicle had been thoroughly gone over, and would have a 30-day warranty on the main systems. We decided to buy the vehicle, and had a great paperwork experience with Salwah and Miles in Finance. We paid cash, and appreciated that there was no hard sell on the extended warranty. (TP#5) Miles was very cordial, and even helped us with a MB for BMW ball cap exchange (inside joke, we own 2 Bimmers) (TP#6).

Fast forward 3-4 weeks:
We absolutely love the ML, but after having it almost a month, experienced an issue with the A/C cold air, during a heat wave. It would stop blowing cold air, but driving it later, the cold air was back. I called Salwah, and set up an appointment with Corey in service. Salwah stayed in touch by text and made sure that I was good through the process. (TP#7) The A/C worked perfectly going into the appointment. Corey kept the ML for two days, but it was one of those phantom issues, that didn't happen while it was there. He ran tests, and everything checked out, but he said he wasn't giving up, since he said these things can be tough to detect. (TP#8) I decided to pick the car up, and mentioned the MB emblem had fallen off the wheel hub a couple days earlier. He said he would take care of it without hesitation. (TP#9) When we arrived to pick up the vehicle, I made it a point to introduce myself to Corey and thank him for his efforts. He was very nice, and I knew he really cared. (TP#10 He said not to hesitate to call him if it happens again - that he would do his best to fix it. (TP#11). Finally, Salwah, true to form, texted me to make sure I was happy (52 days post sale). (TP#12) This isn't counting the expressions of appreciation we received from Salwah and Tysinger Motor Company after we purchased the car. I told her about the excellent service received from Corey, and she was thrilled.

So that's why these three individuals and Tysinger Motor Company earned 5 stars. I want this team and anyone reading this to know that this is how customers are treated at this business. Great job, Mr. Tysinger, on hiring and developing an exceptional team of special individuals! If you want an exceptional and authentic experience, you will get it here!

Rob & Melissa Waddell
Virginia Beach

Tysinger Motor Company - Hampton, VA

On 8/22/2016 8:15:17 AM wrote:
We bought a car on 5/21/16, Woody was wonderful, we emailed back and forth, and then drove to Hampton. Our car buying experience went so smooth, I would highly recommend Tysinger and the Exceptional Salesman, Mr. Woody Millam, we will definitely be back to buy another vehicle! Thank you Woody and Tysinger for the wonderful service you provided.