We love head-to-head comparisons.

We feel that these tests are the ones that matter; however, they have to be in the right context.

For example, buyers shop by price. They don't say "Oh, this is a B-Segment vehicle" or -- generally speaking -- care about what manufacturer made the product.

It comes down to a consumer's needs and wants.

AND it has to come from someone who is, as we say, "NOT in the bag."

That said, when we saw The Truth About Cars put together a head-to-head with the all-new 2013 Honda Accord and all-new Ford Fusion, we had to take a look.

At the end of the review it really boils down to a couple of factors in this instance:

1) Would you like a more conservative product or something that tugs at your heart strings a bit more?

2) Do you want more fun behind the wheel?

From what we've been hearing, it seems pretty clear that Honda has gotten its groove back with the 2013 Accord. And, frankly, from what I've seen on the road, they look great.

Considering these details, WHICH would YOU rather have? The Accord or Fusion?

...The exterior designers at Honda and Ford clearly had different goals. Honda wanted to avoid turning potential customers off. Ford sought to turn them on. Mission accomplished in both cases by cribbing from storied European marques. Would you prefer a handsome German or a sexy Brit? Inside, Ford took fewer risks, and Honda fewer still. The Fusion’s interior is finished a little nicer, but the Accord’s is also far better than the oft-lambasted 2012 Civic’s...

...Comparison tests generally favor well-rounded cars by summing scores in a wide range of attributes. Doing especially well in one or two areas can’t compensate for middling scores in others. In such tests, the Honda Accord will win. It bests the Ford in most categories. But in the areas that connect emotionally, how a car looks and how it feels, the Ford can be much more satisfying. Which car is better for you? It depends on whether you want a car that makes a lot of sense or one you’ll love to look at and drive...

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CAR WARS! Honda's All-New Accord Goes Toe-To-Toe With Ford's Gorgeous Fusion

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