If you're seeking a Bavarian sports coupe, BMW makes two particularly great models.

That would be the M2 Competition and the M4.

Now they both feature — essentially — the same motor and weigh nearly the same. Their footprints are different, the M4 can be had with more technology and then there's the gap in pricing.

If you're not price sensitive, I think it really comes down to one question: Would you rather have a more simple sports coupe or something with the latest and greatest gadgets?

Recently, the folks over at Carwow decided to get down to the bottom of this all-new question: M2 Competition OR M4?

That said, WHICH would you pick?

It’s BMW Competition vs BMW Competition for our latest head-to-head! Both the M2 and the M4 are evenly matched, being able to produce a top speed of 155mph and both achieving 0 - 60mph in just over 4 seconds! So what’ll happen when they go up against each other on the track? And the main question… Which one will be the most fun to drive?! Join Mat to find out!

CAR WARS! Sibling Rivalry Edition: BMW M2 Competition vs. BMW M4 — WHICH Will Do For YOU?

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